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  1. glabudde

    650R vs 650L

    Good stuff, thanks. I'm on the hunt for an L.
  2. glabudde

    650R vs 650L

    Just sold my 650R, too many glitches - hanging throttle, hard to start, got hot --- I went through the uncorking and too much other effort to get it "right". That bike was fast, but not right for me. I love Honda's and am considering an "L". I am a casual rider, FS roads, some single track, paved between here and there, no freeway. Don't need to go really fast, just want something with power, ease and reliability - live in ride in the Sierra Nevada and don't want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere. I don't want to buy an "L" if there are same issues as I experienced on the 650R. Any thoughts or experiences? Also would like feedback on the number of miles on a used "L" that would be a potential problem. Have an eye on bike with 4,600 for $3,200 - it's an '07. Thanks
  3. glabudde

    Ktm 530 exc mods

    Stopped by the a dealer today and could walk out the door with a 2010 530 for $9,600. I currently ride a XR 650 R. A bit heavy, no e-start, but a good bike. Questions are: 1. What mods are needed on the stock bike - I understand gearing is too high 2. Rejetting necessary? Went through that on the XR - pain getting it right. 3. Is the fan kit needed? 4. Is the stator strong enough to run the electric without dim lights? 5. Does the price seem right? Other comments welcome - lot of $$ but they sure look nice. Have never ridden one. Thanks
  4. glabudde


    Had a fantasy of owning an xr650r - made it come true in '05. Have been fighting the dam thing since - overheating (btw - you have to uncork it out of the crate), hanging idle, heavy, no majic button, jetting issues....). The 525 looks awfully appealing, guys on the xr forum warned that if I thought the xr was a pain, then the ktm would be a major pain. I ride single tracks, on/off road, varying elevations, dirt roads, etc. I am not hard core, but ride hard and want a dependable bike. I like to tinker, general maintenance, but hate chasing problems. The ktm is expensive, but man it looks like fun. What do you guys think? I am especially intrested in folks that have had the xr and switched over. Thanks
  5. glabudde

    Mukuni or Edelbrock

    05 650r, uncorked, fmf tip - Have had bike to local shop to get stock carb tuned, including a dyno. No longer know what jets I have after the shop. The bike typically starts fine (unless I dump it), but will not idol correct. Hanging idol, slow idol - dies, fast idol, etc. Changes all the time, lots of screwing aroud air/fuel. Will a fuel pumper solve my problem, and if so what brand? At this time it's worth the $$$ to get this correct. I ride road, dirt road, single tracks around 2,000 to 4,000 feet. Don't need super performance, just reliable and simple. Thanks
  6. glabudde

    Jumping Ship

    I always wanted an xr650. Picked one up brand new in 2005 - disappointed right of the box, but uncorked and things improved. The bike has never idled just right, always having to adjust idle - numerous times on a ride. Took it to a reputable shop for fine tuning the jetting. Idle still tends to hang and continues to rev too fast, or if too low just dies. Temperature jumps way up when picking through tight trails, and just wish it had a 6th gear for the long straights. The ktm 530/525 looks pretty good, but I understand that they are more maintenance, more finicky, etc. But lighter, electric start, street legal off the floor, 6 speed... Anyone out there ever convert, and if so what are your thougts? I really don't want to spend the money, but the my joy of riding is diminishing. Don't fry me here - the xrr has been a bike I always wanted, but just can't get through all the BS related to idle.
  7. Bought a 2005 xrr 650 brand new. Very disappointed right out of the box -uncorked and things got a lot better. Eventually added larger tank, and new exhaust - bike didn't run just right with new exhaust, go figure changed the air/fuel ratio. Took it to the pros, and got rejetted and runs better but not like I would expect a honda to roll. Still can be a bitch to start, gets hot when picking through tight stuff, and most problematic - the idle races and have to continually adjust carb - just want a bike that idles. Is it just me? Will the KTM have same or worse problems? I would love to save the money, but riding is no longer enjoyable. Always wanted a xrr, but this has been a disappointment. Tried to make the marraige work, but after four years..... Thoughts?
  8. Does increasing the the stator output affect the engine performance or ease of starting with increased spark?
  9. glabudde

    650R Idling/low-end problems...

    Same problem - got stranded the other day (just posted a similar question to yours). I am starting to think I have mis adjusted valves based on reading around. Going to give the valves a tweak and if still a problem going to take it into a shop. Being out in the middle of nowhere trying to kick that thing over to start is not such a great proposition.
  10. My 2005 XR650 has been getting more and more tempermental. Rejetted two years ago and has ran fine (not great but much better than stock) since. Replaced stock muffler with FMF, but with no other changes. Bike was getting snotty prior to new exhaust. Symptoms: 1 - backfires when going down hill breaking with engine - lots of small pops 2 - doesn't want to idle (bike has always had idling issues but not this bad) 3 - hard to start hot or cold (wife had to pick me up last weeked after kicking it over and over and over for 30 minutes) Buddy said it smelled like fuel when I was kicking it over Beginning to think it is the valves based on other posts. Adjusted them about 200 miles ago. Next step after valves is to get a pro to look at jetting (maybe it has never been right since I monkied with it) NEVER thought that I'd get stranded by my XR
  11. glabudde

    B/D Kit, Vapor & Stock Stator - 650R

    I have that exact same set up. The Vapor is powered by external battery. The Baja Kit is totally underpowered, count on rewinding the stator.
  12. Any thoughts, comments or alternatives regarding these manufacturers? How much of an improvement does an after market exhaust make, and is it necessary to replact the entire pipe to have the most effect? Current bike is in uncorked with a drilled out stock exhause tip.
  13. glabudde

    Ricky Stator or Baja Design Stator?

    Does your bike have a dual sport kit, and if not would that make it more complicated? I understand that RS will send a new stator without the need to send mine in which means less down time.
  14. Is replacing the stock stator as easy as unbolting the old one and installing the new one? Is there a need for other components with the increased output? Currently running with a BD dual sport kit. The BD site has some very detailed instructions and it looks more complicated that just bolting the new one in. Any thoughts or comments?
  15. glabudde

    Stator Replacement

    Planning to purchase new Ricky Stator. What else is required?