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  1. Kenda's new K778 rear and K777 front are the best 90% off 10% on tire i have tryed
  2. Thanks thats a great price:thumbsup:
  3. Dualsport1


    I know this has been asked before but i couldn't find it with the search Where is the best place to get a battery? and do they make one better then stock?
  4. Hi i just picked up a 84 dr-100 and need to know how much oil to use for the oil change thanks Eddie
  5. Has anyone else have there throttle cable become miss adjusted and the throttle go wide open when you ture the handlebars from side to side?
  6. Suspension deff. not set right for that
  7. Thanks i never thought about the anti-freeze:banghead:
  8. Last question...you can run ECEA events without being a member of a club...you just don't score points...is that correct Yes thats correct
  9. I ordered a rekluse z-start but i need to know what else i might need for the install. I know oil and filter but will i need any gaskets or are they o-rings. Thanks for any help. I'm excited and ready to put it in i've heard so many good things about them:ride:
  10. You really need boots you can get dualsport boots that are comfortable to walk around in:ride:
  11. You will not have any problems they will just give you a new title when you take the old one in. Va is not bad on titling off-road bikes
  12. I think he is meaning in metric not sure what pressure is measured in in the U.K.
  13. Don't forget july 15 foggy mountain enduro in blian PA. its one of my favorites
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