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  1. mrtt

    WR250R vs CRF250L

    thanks for the link. 250cc is bread and butter market for any bike makers in asia. Yamaha likely see the need for the 250R to compete with the 250L or else Honda would eat up the 250cc dual sport/dirt bike market over there. Quite the opposite in EU and north amercia where tougher emission and more receptive to > 250cc bike makes the growth and longevity potential of the 250cc quite short. The ktm 390 ADV is coming out next year, Suzuki may finally revamp their drz400, the 250R would get creamed if Yamaha doesn't do something which they have delayed for so long. I do hope Yamaha come out with a WR390-450cc class to fit right between the xt250 and the T7
  2. mrtt

    WR250R vs CRF250L

    show me that report. Yamaha have already released their 2018 offering on their website, the 250R is missing. A Japanese guy told me back in March Yamaha will cease production of 250R in July 2017. Japan website said 250R is discontinued. US and Canada website don't show 2018 250R. Show me the report that say otherwise
  3. mrtt

    WR250R vs CRF250L

    if you want a cheap street bike, just get a cheap street bike. Plenty of 250-300cc street bike going for cheap. Buying a crf250L because it has good street manner defeat the purpose of buying a dual sport bike. Only the 250L rally come with a windshield.
  4. mrtt

    Any rumor on 2018 wr250r?

    that's old news. I was asking about rumor of 250r replacement.
  5. the 2018 wr250r is no longer shown in Yamaha website. Does anyone hear rumor of yamaha's next premium dual sport WR? I'm wishing for a WR400R.
  6. mrtt

    WR250R vs CRF250L

    spending 1k on modding a crf250L is moronic. It's like puttiing 1k worth of lipstick on a little red pig, it's still a pig
  7. mrtt

    WR250R vs CRF250L

    FYI, 2018 YZ and WR are announced already
  8. so it require more maintenance than Japanese bikes but it's better quality than Japanese bike. Hmm, can you elaborate on that?
  9. things are moving fast, yamaha also confirmed 2016 release of pes1 and ped1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vOMWElGQok
  10. One can find one for ~8000$ and it's street legal. http://www.zeromotorcycles.com/zero-fx/specs.php 247 lbs for a 3 kWh model
  11. Great work there. Thanks for updating us on your progress. Electric Drive Technology has advanced so much but yet gas powered bike makers are slow to offer new technology to consumers. Hopefully you guys are like steve job and bill gate of early personal pc against the computer giants like IBM and Digital and changed the whole market.
  12. why complain about battery life when a downhill mtn bike has none and still cost $3000+ ? "What's worse is people pay the ridiculous prices. $3k for a carbon frame and shock, $1500 for a drivetrain, $800 for a fork. NUTS". no kiddin you guys are nuts.
  13. One co-worker just bought an used downhill mtn bike, it cost him 1700$ for a 2013 model. New one would cost $2500-$3000. It weigh 63 lbs. A nice one could run you $8000+. Heck, I can get a very nice MX dirt bike for less than that It's sucky to ride on level surface so forget about riding up an incline. The front fork suck up your peddling effort. Downhill mtn bike is a one trick pony bike
  14. I quit mtn biking after 2 rides, why bore myself even more to go pro on downhill biking? I think you had polluted this thread on electric MX bike enough, you should take your downhill mtn biking mantra to some other bicycle forums.