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  1. barko1

    Tire Change DIY or Not?

    For tubed tires a valve fishing tool helps https://www.amazon.com/Tire-Valve-Stem-Fishing-Puller/dp/B01GT8FTRK
  2. Best thing for the bike and you is to take this change of life thing and drop 100#s. That'll show the ex and impress they kids.
  3. My Outdoor RV 20Q came with one from the factory, they say 250# limit FWIW
  4. barko1

    Cleaning air filters

    Kerosene or diesel are a lot less volatile than gasoline, the fumes are nicer to your brain cells.
  5. Looks like most of the bikes' weight is behind your rear axle. Not much you can do bout that with the short bed but some airbags might help level things out keeping your headlights on target and maybe shifting some of the weight back to the front end. Payload is not much over 1200# , nothing can boost that but airsprings or something else might be needed to help balance it out.
  6. I don't know if its' too small or your too big, if it's ok now it won't be in a hurry. If you don't need a plate a KDX is reliable, cheap, and tough.
  7. Looked promising but the reviews on sites like Amazon and Home Depot aren't very positive. Don't think it would work for me and a bigger trailer.
  8. barko1

    Ran my 2006 drz400sm without oil

    If you read the thread he said he didn't do the oil change and then didn't realize it had spit the oil out when he restarted. Maybe you would have noticed/seen/smelled but it happened. Being so critical without knowing is dumb.
  9. barko1

    Aprilia Climber parts bike

    Anyone need a 280 parts bike? I have one but will be moving soon and don't want to drag it along. Only thing I might salvage would be the wheels Find me @ klr650nut@yahoo.com
  10. barko1

    Tons of gas in the airbox )-:

    That is what I started with but then had to get the full float assembly. With the new choke assembly most parts have been replaced. I took it out for a 10 mile ride today and it all seems good now. May need a minor screw adjustment, I'll check the mileage but throttle response, idle, power, all seem good.
  11. barko1

    Tons of gas in the airbox )-:

    Update I replaced the float assembly and after one false start got the float correctly set, and that solved the flowing gas issue. But it still ran erratic which I suspected was the choke assembly. It was partially broken off just outside of where it threads into the carb and that allowed it to move around creating motor insanity. I replaced the assembly with the Procycle remote choke assembly getting rid of the stock cable. My hoses are fine, my bike never sits so thhat isn't an issue. It's a 98, just got tired and dried out, all seems well now. Thanks
  12. barko1

    Why is everyone selling their Husky

    I just benefited from just such a sale, got myself a TE250 and some spares for $3500US and it has 700 miles on it, great machine!
  13. barko1

    Tons of gas in the airbox )-:

    Happened first when I trailered it:smirk: and I figured it was a time to do some overhaul of the BST and had a Pro cycle kit on hand so I took it apart, put it back, fired up in the garage, fine although started with a full throttle. Next day (today) didn't want to run right, died, spewed some smoke, took another bike. Came home an hour later and I had left the petcock on res and there way a puddle under the bike and an airbox (and probably crankcase) full of gas, cups full. So I am presuming my float needle isn't seating allowing all that to just run into the carb and everywhere else. Is that the logical assumption? If so perhaps I didn't get it back together right:banghead: Anything else I should look at? Is had been running fine, just up in Colorado and trailered it back home when it became an issue.
  14. barko1

    96 DR650, no lights, no start

    Sometime a less then super tight connection on the battery can do it as well, crank them down hard!
  15. barko1

    96 DR650, no lights, no start

    I think it is pretty simple that you need a battery. Like someone else said you could swap with a known good one. These unloaded readings don't mean a lot. The lights are sucking the little juice there is. That's another good reason to wire in a switch for the headlight so you can keep it off for cranking, etc.