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  1. renthal40

    kxf250 cases

    j-man the whole has a crack in it.. and it spreads apart when the bolt goes up in there how to those inserts work?
  2. renthal40

    kxf250 cases

    is it a hard job to split them and replace the case? im pretty machainicly inclined. is that the only tool ill need to do the cases? any pullers i need and were can i get a tool to take the clutch basket off? or can i rig one up
  3. renthal40

    kxf250 cases

    alright.. on the 06 kxf 250 the drain bolt is on the left side crank case.(if i can remember) well i took the drain bolt out the other day and along with it came a bunch of thread and aluminum, looked up inside the hole and theres a big crack in the hole so that the bolt wont seal and the hole just spreads when you put the bolt in. has anyone had this happen to there 06? is kawi doing anything about it or do i have to buy the $500 worth of parts and have the cases split?
  4. renthal40


    i used a heli-coil when mine got messed up and it dosnt leak at all
  5. renthal40

    what gos wrong?

    what r the most commen thing to go on an 04 rmz??do they have a valve problem? what can i do for matance on it to keep the life of it???thanks