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  1. Jdeiter

    turning yz 250f into bush machine

    check the welds on your swingarm that attach to the rear chain guide. That was the first thing to fail on my '15yz250f riding it offroad, ruined the rear sprocket and bent the chain when it all ripped off......
  2. Jdeiter

    rocky mountain discount codes ?

    i have a code that ends in a couple of days if someone needs one
  3. I'm pretty happy with the full FMF Ti 4.1 RCT system on my '15 yz250f. I mainly bought it for noise reduction (running the SA) and weight savings. The stock muffler weighed in at 6lb 6.8oz and the header was 2lb 3.4oz. The FMF Ti muffler was 4lb 3.2oz and the Ti mega bomb is 1lb 4.4oz. The FMF spark arrestor insert is 4oz and does quiet it down a little
  4. Jdeiter

    rocky mountain discount codes ?

    anyone have an unused coupon code they could PM me? Will forward a new code tomorrow afternoon once order ships. Thanks!
  5. Jdeiter

    YZ250FX - Pro Taper Perch or Magura?

    I added the pro taper clutch perch/lever and brake lever for the reach adjustability like you mentioned on my 15 yz250f. From "0" or stock, you get 3 adjustments inward and 3 clicks outward. I'm extremely happy with the investment and think the clutch pull pressure is slightly lighter as well....if thats possible. Highly recommend!
  6. Jdeiter

    rocky mountain discount codes ?

    dexter, it's at the bottom of the order details email that you get from Rocky Mountain, usually in bold letters
  7. Jdeiter

    rocky mountain discount codes ?

    Looking for a coupon code, will forward new one as soon as order is placed. THanks in advance!
  8. Jdeiter

    rocky mountain discount codes ?

    Could use a rocky mountain atv code..will return favor as soon as possible. Thanks!
  9. Jdeiter

    rocky mountain discount codes ?

    Looking for a code, will return a new one via pm to the first person to pm me with one. I've supplied a few in the past so, someone please pay it forward
  10. Jdeiter

    rocky mountain discount codes ?

    qv6590729 please post reply once used
  11. Jdeiter

    450-X Has anyone encountered this before??

    i understand that you have the quickshot...it's a expensive piece of junk. put your original pump cover back on along with the O rings, put the quickshot on ebay for some other sucker to buy, and jet the carb the right way using the leak jet. i would say you could get away with a 40 or so leak jet to start. then read up on how to set the pump timing and make sure it is timed right. thumpers need that shot of fuel off the bottom or they run like $*%#!!
  12. Jdeiter

    450-X Has anyone encountered this before??

    the quickshot will do the same thing as a smaller leak jet...just cost you a lot more $$$ in the process. you can buy a leak jet down to a size 30 i believe for only five bucks at the dealer. to me it sounds like you're having a problem with the accel pump, not anything electrical. put the stock pump cover back on with the little o-rings and all and see what happens. try the 45 pilot with the 160 main on the middle of the needle and go from there. did you mess with the accel pump timing at all? when the timing is off, the big thumpers will run like crap! while you're at it, throw a new spark plug in so you can use the colors of the plug to rejet....best of luck
  13. Jdeiter

    WB E2 or Yoshi TRC, full or slipon?

    add a high quality air filter like twin air and put in a 35 leak jet. i have the white bros e2 on my 06 crf450x and it does really wake it up. the only way i would go full system is with a ti yoshi just to save weight. otherwise, do the e2!
  14. Jdeiter

    Busted KTM

    cant wait to show that to a couple of my buddies....both ride ktm 450's