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  1. noseed

    Best DS for Off-road

    I have a DRZ and my wife has an XT225. The Yamaha is an outstanding bike for what it is and in the tight stuff I find it superior to the DRZ. The XT is a great bike, you cant go wrong with it. That is just my opinion for what is worth.
  2. noseed

    Poor DRZ, all alone in a sea of Harleyness...

    Wow, you guy dont like Harleys much do you?? I own one of each and although the DRZ is more fun to me,the harley has its good attributes. Its like riding a two wheeled tractor, but it sure makes me smile. Just remember, it is what it is!! Happy holidays to you all and thanks for all of the good information you have given me!!!!
  3. noseed

    Multi purpose riding jackets.

    I also have the First Gear Kilimanjaro III jacket and I love it. I have the first gear HT air overpants as well; they are good for all weather because they are partly mesh with a waterproof/ windproof removable liner. I have the S model bike (and a Harley) so I'm on the street more than I like but the outfit works well for whatever I am doing. I don't know it I would ride in the pants if I were in serious offroad conditions because it is not what they were designed for. If you go with the First Gear stuff get the optional CE armor, it is great. That was my 2 cents worth, hope it helps.
  4. noseed

    Happy with Kouba Links!!

    How easy is it to add nitrogen, who does it, what might it cost and what gains may I get. Im open to suggestions, I just what my bike to be the best for me. Thanks!!!!
  5. noseed

    Happy with Kouba Links!!

    I have been reading a lot on this forum since I bought my DRZ six weeks ago and I have gotten a lot of helpful information. I thank you all!! I wanted to post my satisfaction with my Kouba links in hope that it may help someone else. I am not the tallest person (5'9" 160lbs 31"inseam) and I orginally felt the DRZ was just too big for me and my lack of skill. It had been ten years since I rode a dirtbike. I got bored with my Harley and needed a fun toy! I still have the old Harley but it dosent get the blood pumping as well. I purchased a Corbin seat first but felt I needed the bike just bit lower. After reading extensively about other succcesses and failures I decided to give the links a try. After all it was cheap and easily reversable. I installed the #1 links today and I'm glad to say it was easier than expected and I am happy with the results. Yes, the rear is softer but I kinda like that; and I was easily able to get the sag properly adjusted due to my weight. I find my bike easier to ride at its new height and I am more comfortable with it. Maybe when I'm a better rider Ill put it back the way it was, but for now its all good. I appreciate all of the great information and I just wanted to post a bit of my own. Thanks
  6. I am quite new to this forum and I want to thank you all for the great information you give. I have been reading a lot on the suspension and I am a bit confused on which dampening adjustment does what. I find that my bike reacts harshly to small bumps, especially on the road when I'm sitting. I don't see much wrong with how it handles the larger stuff. Of course I am still new to these bikes; I have never owned anything so complex. Can anyone fill me in on which dampening adjustment I should start with. Thanks !!!
  7. noseed


    I have the Corbin in the carbon fiber and it is still slippery. I slide fore and aft alot but I really like the seat. Wish I could keep from sliding around on it though.
  8. noseed


    I have a new DRZ 400 S and I am going to gear it down for off road and I would love some advice on what tooth count some of you are running. I plan on riding mainly off road with a lot of that being tight trails. As long as the bike will still run 60mph on the highway without trouble Ill be fine. Any recommendations on what I should do?