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    riding, flying radio controlled airplanes, working on my bikes, and going to the shooting range
  1. Lagger

    Anyone heard of DogTown riding area?

    thanks for the info, I live in Castro Valley so it's not that far.Yeah Deer Creek is some great riding I love it up there. thanks again.
  2. If so, how's the riding, and where is it? thanks, Lagger.
  3. Lagger

    Any Skid Plates 4/ 06 TTr125le

    I want to replace the stock plastic skid plate. Any suggestions????
  4. Lagger

    Keyed Ignition REMOVAL 4/ 06 TTr125Le

    The keyed ignition is staying on for now. I have only had to hot wire it once because i forgot the key, and it wasn't bad. thanks for the replies. as for the dogs there youngster....... yeah they could be a good deterrent, but I have OTHER ways of dealing with thieves. and I do FEEL for anyone who has ever had a bike stolen, I know how it is. IT SUCKS!
  5. Lagger

    broken e-start button

    you CAN put that thing back together, yes it is a little difficult, but just take your time with it. I'm assuming that you already have it apart because you mentioned the two springs. the thin plastic wafer is what holds the 2 wires in place the black spring goes inside the grey button the other spring goes between the thin wafer and the shiny rectangular metal part make sure the metal contacts from the 2 wires are poking up thru the holes in the plastic wafer before you put the spring on top of the wafer & the metal part on top of the spring now all you have to do is get the 2 halves together. I hope this helps ya. just take your time. I have had to redo mine twice.
  6. Lagger

    Keyed Ignition REMOVAL 4/ 06 TTr125Le

    If I stole it, the last thing I would be worried about was the Ignition. I do have a service manual.......it came with the bike at purchase! If you think an ignition is going to make it hard for someone to take your bike.......YOU are SADLY mistaken.
  7. I want to remove the Keyed Ignition on my Girlfriends TTr. I got as far as taking the ign off and removing it from the wire harness at the connector. there are 4 wires a RED, BROWN, BLACK & a BLACK/WHITE. the red & brown are the ignition ON wires the other 2 are the OFF wires. the red wire is continuously HOT. The ? is can I connect the red and brown wires together and leave them connected with out draining the Battery. Thanks in advance. CRF450X
  8. Lagger

    Wrecked on my CRF450R

    Well Brother I'm half Danish, and it looks like that Helmet of yours did what it was supposed to do. and you can't put a price on that no matter how cheap or expensive. Good luck and get well soon
  9. Lagger

    Any decent Radiator guards 4 the 450X?

    Thanks for the replies. Unibiker, or Flatlands seems to be the clear choice.
  10. I stand corrected, I thought it was th synthetic nature of the oil that made it slip Thanks for the Info.
  11. I'm using Devol Radiator guards....... they work pretty good but I still managed to bend my left radiator, on a minor low side.
  12. I also use the HP Trans Oil 80W/85W in my 05 450X. It's a Trany oil it just seems like the right way to go. No probs yet. P.S. DON'T USE ANY FULL SYNTHETIC OIL WITH YOUR CLUTCH, your just asking for slippage.
  13. Lagger

    Twin Air

    I'm definitely for the stock filter on this one guy's, I was going to go after market but changed my mind it just didn't look like it would seal right. the stock ones come Pre oiled, I'll use it then clean it in kerosene then wash it with simple green and warm water. it comes out lookin good then I use NoToil. haven't had any probs yet. CRF450X P.S. I also use rim grease as well.
  14. Lagger

    TTR 125/le

    Thanks for the info. I don't really woant to go with smaller wheels, not yet anyway.
  15. Lagger

    TTR 125/le

    hey thanks for the info, I'm just going to have to keep lookin.