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  1. ashdrz

    advise on uk E model fcr

    Many thanx guys for all the info,i best get ordering some new jets,get them fitted then get out there before the dreded wet wheather returns,its been so bad here in england i think i need a jet ski rather then a motorbike typical british summer:thumbsdn:
  2. ashdrz

    advise on uk E model fcr

    Noble thanx for your input (great advise)thanx mate:thumbsup: ,I will proberly go down the route of changing the pilot air jet to 100 as i have removed the brass nipple on the bell housing and blanked it with a bolt,also you say to change the main jet to 160 is this to suit the fmf highflow header i am going to fit to the slip on yosh also with this setting how many turns out on the fuel screw.I dont know how high to sea level i am:excuseme: am in west london england if this helps..Is the hole in the E model airbox big enough as standard or do i cut it out larger many thanx
  3. ashdrz

    advise on uk E model fcr

    Thanx for your reply william1:thumbsup: you say there are 3 hose fittings i can only see 2 since i removed the coast enricher 1 wich the little air 90 jet attached too & the other 1 wich is attached to the bell mount adapter wich i removed the brass nipple cut a thread & pluged it with a button head allen bolt
  4. ashdrz

    advise on uk E model fcr

    I am in need of a bit of advise from the tt advise gods:worthy: I have a standard(apart from a yosh slip on) 2005 uk:sm model..But now i am going to go for it & get the fcr out from under my bed blow the dust off & try to fit it but 1st i have a few things i want to clear up..The fcr is from a 2003 E model wich came with the airbox & boot.I have ordered from suzuki the inlet rubber with clamps & the E model throttle cables as well so thats ok,also changed the fuel screw to a stealth racing titanium screw..I have removed the coast enricher but there are 2 nipples 1 has a small 90 air jet attached do i remove this & blank them both if so do i need to change the pilot air jet to a 100 is this right & where do i get 1 from in the uk: is this jet behind the bell housing left side..Also should i remove the tps while carb is off or do i leave it on & just plug it in..I have also ordered the fmf highflow header as i have read that it will work with the yosh slip on with minor mods do i need to change any of the standard jets 165 main jet,200 main air,45 pilot,65 starter,60 slow obdxp needle clip 4 many thanx in advance:thumbsup:
  5. ashdrz

    yosh for the u.k

    many thanx for you info fabulous that has helped me out cheers mate:thumbsup:
  6. ashdrz

    yosh for the u.k

    Hi all, i am thinking of buying a full system exhaust for my much loved 2005 drz400sm & after reading great reviews posted for the yosh rs-3 on this great site was leaning rather heavily in buying the full system,but what i wanted to know is do i go for the E model version or the S model version & what are the differences(if any)does anyone know where in the united kingdom is good for the best price's or should i forget the yosh if they are too loud & go for somthing else help & advise would be greatly aprreciated
  7. Hi please could some one tell me the tightening torque for the swing arm bolt,the rear wheel bolt,upper shock bolt and lower shock bolt on a 2005 crf 50 as i have no manual as yet many thanx
  8. ashdrz

    holes in the right side of airbox

    this is true maybe i will just cut a hole in my original box and just re-sell the other airbox on ebay,i didnt pay a lot for it so no harm done
  9. ashdrz

    holes in the right side of airbox

    ok many thanx for the help guys,I just brought another airbox because i didnt want to cut mine up so if i did decided to sell the bike i could supply the buyer with the standard set up as well
  10. First of all can i say what a site i have been reading things and have learnt alot about my drz so here goes my first ever post,i am getting ready to change the standard exhaust and jet the carb and do the airbox mod.I have just brought an 05 drz sm airbox(good old ebay)but i have noticed that there is 7 holes 18 mm diameter in the right side of the airbox and 1 hole on the top next to the snorkel and my 05 drz sm has not got these holes.What i would like to know is can i still cut a 3x3 hole in the top of the airbox with the holes in the side or will it be too much air many thanx for all your help