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  1. reese16

    KLX250 Gutless

    Thank You Sir, MMI is the best decision I have ever made. It's great to learn about something your passionate about everyday.
  2. reese16

    KLX250 Gutless

    When the dealer buys a bike from Kawasaki they pay the full invoice "$4,068". When the bike is sold ,Kawasaki gives the dealer 5% of list price "$4,699" back to the dealer. The dealership will receive this money usually twice a year. I know what you mean about service dept. it is Very important. Lucky, I going to MMI right now so I can wrench on my own bike. YEAH !!!
  3. reese16

    KLX250 Gutless

    Dealer Invoice: $4086. Freight Charge: $150. Ready to sell cost: $4144 Everything above this is profit. The dealer has to stay in business so usually add 5% to 7%. They also get a holdback credit for the sell, 500 dollars or so. All those other fee's they add are BS.
  4. reese16

    KLX250 Gutless

    I would of bought it for $5,150. The dealer wanted 5,780 OTD. He tacked on fee after fee. After talking to him for about 30min he came back with 5,500 and was acting like he was doing me a huge favor. It seems like all the dealers in FL. are on crack. I am probably going to buy one when I go back home to Georgia for the holidays.
  5. reese16

    KLX250 Gutless

    What did you pay OTD. I went to pick one up last Tuesday . The sales guy tried to take me for a fool, So I walked. He said he had 6 other people waiting for it, and that he was going to get what he was asking. Drove by today and it was still there.
  6. reese16

    KLX250S Dual Sport in U.S.

    When are you expecting the KLX250S from your dealer. I've heard Oct. and Feb. from different dealers.