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    Texas Jetting 400exc

    Thank you, Should I use the thick O-ring or thin? Honda diaphram goes under the accelerator pump cover? Does your jetting w/ red needle work year round in Texas? Have you checked the plug? When I pulled the old main jet( the one the dealer installed- they rejetted when I bought the bike- I found a 185 main, 42 pilot, a needle that resembled the jd w/ clip inthe 3rd. position. Ok, 1 more stupid question; needle clip position is determined by counting from the top of the needle, right? I'm looking forward to the improved performance, I have an enduro on sunday. Thanks for the help guy's.
  2. Is there anyone who thinks they have the perfect jetting for a 400 exc in texas? I cant get rid of a very sight bog off idle. I have the boyeson accelerator pump cover,and FMF power core exhaust.