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  1. matt116

    Yamaha suspension Oil

    I put yamaha 01 in my fox RLC float 100 been in there for at least a year with no problems
  2. matt116

    Safe or Unsafe?

    He should fix this for you being that it is a "christian based company" I copied this from his "about us" page on his website. FTR is based on fundamentals of family, hard work and personal sacrifice. And as a Christian-based company, it will be easy to see that from the merchandise, to the quality of work, to the customer service, FTR’s main goal is to take the extra time and work to stand apart from all other performance shops by building a personal relationship with each customer.
  3. matt116

    2010 air box cover

    Thanks thats exactly what I'm looking for. BTW when you gonna pull the trigger on a 2010?
  4. matt116

    2010 & fuel hose connector

    First you must remove the black clip this is holding the orange clip from sliding down. No the orange clip does not come off it only slides down about a 1/4". Its does take a little wiggling once the buttons are pushed in to remove the line. No gas will not come running out of the tank but you may get a little out of the hose running to the injector.
  5. matt116

    2010 air box cover

    Yes Its a pain in the ass to take the airbox off to wash it.
  6. matt116

    2010 air box cover

    Anybody find an air box cover for the 2010 450? Thanks
  7. matt116

    2010 reliability

    Scrubba quote: actually, where does the free end supposed to connect to?(not the tank end) You loop it around a cross support on the sub frame slip knot style.
  8. matt116

    2010 yz450 gas in oil

    Theres no fuel shut off, it just relies on the injector to hold the fuel back from gravity feeding into the cyclinder
  9. matt116

    2010 yz450 gas in oil

    I just did the 4th oil change on my bike this time I could smell gas and the oil was very thin. I never noticed it on the previous oil changes, the only difference I can think of is the bike sat all week with 3/4 tank of gas. I will now disconnect the fuel line after every ride.
  10. Tractor supply sells crown PSC 1000. I think its $40.00 for 5 gallons.
  11. They should extend all the way out. It is hard to get all the air out but it can be done. I've only been able to do it using the 01 or S1 KYB oil not sure why though.
  12. matt116

    KYB basevalve piston drill ??

    You only need 1 3mm hole per piston half way down from the top. I could not tell any difference at all.
  13. matt116

    KYB basevalve piston drill ??

    I had one of the pistons break on my 06' yz. I got a new one from enzo and they told me to drill a 3mm hole in the middle of the piston. I have since done it to my 08' and have not had any problems.
  14. Anyone know the base and mid valve stack specs for a 06' yz 450. Thanks