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  1. Yamaha is life22

    How Do I Do It!!!!!!!!!!!!

    can someone tell me how to take out a cam from a 3-valve 107cc motor?!?!?! i cant find help anywhere on the internet do please any help at all! :lol:
  2. Yamaha is life22

    Uh $150?

    i got 150 buck what should i buy? performance wise i was thinking od a new cam because i got a 107cc 3valve motor
  3. Yamaha is life22

    Ordered My Bike.....

    ANY PICS???????????????
  4. Yamaha is life22

    lets see your knock off

    i have new grphics rear shock............grips....seat shift lever air filter and more i will need to post some new photos
  5. Yamaha is life22

    lets see your knock off

    not the best but it rips and loud! this is stock the day i got it. i will get some more recent photos
  6. Yamaha is life22

    New Camsss???????????????

    will this fit this bike??? http://www.topscooterstores.com/product_info.php?products_id=338 it is a three valve 107 cc so i hope it will
  7. Yamaha is life22

    New Cam?

    will this http://www.faster-minis.com/cam-crower-power-g2-perfmance-sdg-107.html fit this bike? http://www.topscooterstores.com/product_info.php?products_id=338 it is a 3valve 107cc so i am hoping it will fit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Yamaha is life22


    what are some cheap ways to make my fiddy have more power or torque?
  9. Yamaha is life22

    Help Me Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hey i just go thtis bike and it acually is sweet. it is hard to find parts for(engine dress up kit ECT.) thats why i am asking you guys to help me out PLEASE TELL ME WHAT KIND OF UPGRADES I SHOULD GET!!!!!!!!!!! i already have a rear shock graphice airfilter and tires
  10. Yamaha is life22


  11. Yamaha is life22


    or if there are any suspension kits (swingarm and shock) under 200 dollars
  12. Yamaha is life22


    What is the best suspension for under or around $150?
  13. Yamaha is life22

    zongshen engine's any good?

    they are one of the best but it could be a little better. how much u spendin??
  14. Yamaha is life22

    gear ratio

    thats stock though
  15. Yamaha is life22

    gear ratio

    hey what gear ratio do you guys run?? any suggestions??