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  1. VanagonJon

    Parts Unlimited chains

    How about primary drive sprockets. Any good?
  2. Does anyone have experience using Parts Unlimited chains (namely the x ring they sell)? I am sure they are not as good as a $100 o-ring chains but that isn't so important to me. I have just replaced the sprockets on my bike and I want a decent chain that will leave me with enough for gas money to put in the thing. I ride a KTM LC4 600 which has been converted to a dual sport. I probably spend as much time on the road as I do in the dirt. If there are any other good reasonably priced chains I would like to know about them.
  3. VanagonJon

    1992 ktm 600 lc4

    Funny starting these bikes is such an issue, mine typically starts on the first kick (maybe the second) but with minimal effort. Some times it does get a bit hard but its usually my fault. I would love to find an on line manual for the bike, or at least the engine, if any one knows where to find one. If not on line wheres a good place to buy one (ebay doesn't have em).
  4. VanagonJon

    1992 ktm 600 lc4

    Does any one have any information on this bike? I bought one this summer and love it. The only problem is the lack of info on this bike. I would love to find a manual for it but any bit of information is few and far between.