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  1. Hi, i have a few questions about the yz250. First off, ive been riding a crf250r and yz250f for the past few years or so and became very used to their smooth powerband. Ive never owned a 2stroke but i have put quite a bit of time on a yz125 and cr500. the 500's powerband i like as its just like a 4stroke as far as broad powerband. the 125 wants to be revved a little more before it makes power. My question is, what is the powerband like on a yz250 and what can i do to make it as broad as possible, reeds? pipe? any help would be much appreciated. thanks
  2. 03sto

    ?? 2nd Gear broken on ttr-125le ???

    Wish it were my mess around bike lol, but im trying to sell so i gotta get it fixed.
  3. 03sto

    Best bike to upgrade to from TTR 125L

    If money is tight, id suggest a YZ125 or any other 125 2-stroke. They are cheap to buy and parts are easy to get and very cheap also.
  4. 03sto

    ?? 2nd Gear broken on ttr-125le ???

    I was coming out of a turn and popped the clutch and rolled the throttle pretty hard. Im almost positive its the transmission as it only happens in second gear. It used to be a small click, now it sounds like the chain is off. I can shift in and out of the gear pretty easily but when im in it, it sounds terrible.
  5. 03sto

    ?? 2nd Gear broken on ttr-125le ???

    Hi, I was riding my 04 ttr-125le the other day and I popped it into second gear, it sounded like the chain fell off but I checked the chain and it was still on. Its sounds internal and it is not the sprockets. The very loud clicking sound only happens in second gear though. Is it possible I shredded the gear? I have no mechanical background so all ideas as to whats wrong are appreciated. thanks
  6. 03sto

    all ttr 125 owners

    what are you guys talking about? He's saying that like if he revs his bike up, it dies as it slowly revs slower! Make since, take some time to think.
  7. 03sto

    ttr 125 front suspension

    I wouldnt mess with the suspension personally, id take it to your local shop. Most likely he broke his springs and you can get those on ebay.
  8. 03sto

    Racing Horror Stories

    At a race a few weeks ago, some guy in his 30s was racing a xr650(yeah, thats what I said). The guy tryed to clear a decent sized double and his front tire caught the top of the landing and the bike smashed on top of him. Im pretty sure he broke a couple bones?
  9. 03sto

    Music while riding

    I would never listen to music while riding with friends cause theired be to much stuff running in my head.
  10. 03sto

    ttr 125 ups?

    so would turning up the idle in the carb help?
  11. 03sto

    Air Box Mod Question

    my bike sounds like its more powerful and is(kinda like giving the bike gas when going slow in high gear). Does this mean i need to re-jet or is that just the added power?
  12. 03sto

    ttr 125 ups?

    so far im probably gonna get new springs and shocks,bbr frame cradle(in future),re-jet, and does how much does it stall with the lightened flywheel?
  13. 03sto

    removing electric start on ttr 125?

    why does the e-start not work when you tip the bike over?
  14. 03sto


    dude, why do you always yell, is that your first instinct? I didnt even look how old it was. if it makes you feel better about yourself, i am sorry?
  15. 03sto

    ttr 125 gears slipping?

    i took off the left side(shifter side) and the oil just slowly came out. Yes, it just fell from second to neutral over 5 times within an hour or less. Their is plenty of oil though so im clueless. Any other suggestions?