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  1. I bet that machining the head would be cheaper than a new jug... Thanks again for the advice, it has been very helpful.
  2. Thanks guys. I wish I would have thought about taking some compression readings before tearing it apart... I guess I can slap it back together pretty quickly to get some readings, then decide how to proceed. mlatour, I have looked at both heads but I couldn't really tell you the differences. The aftermarket head actually looks like it isn't as "rounded". On the aftermarket head, the shoulders (the outer most part that would be just above the edge of the piston) are flatter and wider. Going towards the center where the plug is, it gets steeper than the stock head and possible a little deeper/taller (more space between the piston and the plug). If I were to guess, just from looking at them, I would actually say the stock head might result in a higher compression ratio-but I could totally be wrong. I think I will do compression readings with each head and see where that gets me. I am actually wondering if the engine isn't "high compression" as much as it is just bored out a little. I am thinking that the aftermarket head just might be a better "fit" for the oversized piston.
  3. Okay, just a little background. With my permission my son bought his first 125, a 2004 KX125. Acquired from a family I know, mostly ridden out in the local desert. We were told the bike was purchased from someone who had installed a "high-compression" kit but they didn't know much other than they were told to use race gas. They owned the bike for a few years and never had an issue with it and the bike runs strong today- but I can't afford to run race gas... I was hoping to be able to throw in a new stock piston and put the stock head back on but I ran into a snag... I just got the engine apart and the piston appears to be oversize by approx .08". The cylinder and piston actually look really good and I wouldn't mind just putting them back together with new bearings and seals IF I can find a way to run pump gas. The bike came with an aftermarket head which I cannot identify and we were also given the stock head. Can I just put the stock head back on, with the oversize piston, and will that allow me to run pump gas? We are recreational riders, I am simply looking for a reliable set-up that I can run pump gas in. Any thoughts would be appreciated, thanks!
  4. Don't get me wrong, I am not looking to get faster without putting in seat time. I enjoy riding and that is why I do it and I strive to improve every time I go out. With that siad I thought in my last post I touched base on what you are suggesting so now I am going to try put this into terms you can better understand:thumbsup: Does everyone that buys a JR 9505 really need 9 channels and 50 model memory? Does someone buy a 30% Carden Extra 300 only because they are a world class pilot. How about that person that spends $120+ on running shoes when they can't even run 5 miles. Or how about that person that buys a $50k+ Malibu/Nautique/Mastercraft even though they can barely jump wake to wake. And of course there are always those people that spend $2,000+ on Gibsons, Martins, Fenders, PRS, etc. when we all know they can barely play the $150 import guitar. The answer for me in all of those areas is two reasons. I don't ever want to be able to blame my equipement for anything but really it comes down to enjoyment. Having a quality (fill in the blank) is always more enjoyable because you know that you have the best equipement and that you are not being held back by anything except your own ability. Also, for me, I never want to fiddle with something-I just want it to work the way it is suppose to. I don't want brown outs on my RC radio system and I certainly don't want a cheap fret board or bad pickups on my guitar. Considering the '09 YZ is considered underpowered compared to any other new 450, I don't think I am asking much to be on the same playing field as riders on another brand.I also think the little extra power will help me clear some of the bigger cheaps so I don't have to rail each berm just perfectly everytime. Can I ride a 10 year old 2-stroke to its potential. I don't think so. Why do I ride the 450 and not a 250 four stroke. Same reason I don't ride a 2 stroke. I want the equipment that will make me the most successfull at my hobby whether that is exhaust on a bike that I will never ride to its potential, a Carden that I will never fly to its potential, a SAN that I will never have need to fully sack out (even though I have that option), or my PRS that I can spend a lifetime playing and still only be lucky to play "okay"...
  5. Lets see, $500 helmet, check; top of the line sidi boots, check; Leatt brace, check; good looking Fox gear, check. Knee braces, I have heard mixed things so, so far I am only running nice knee pads. Sponsering a younger rider, does paying for all of my son's riding count? I know the bike makes more power than I can actually use but I also know by spending some money the bike will help cover up some of my inability. I would say this is true for many of us! After all, if any of the pros could beat me riding a 10 year old 2-stroke, why aren't we all riding 10 year old 2-strokes? We all know the answer of course. It is because we know we are faster on a newer bike even (or atleast a newer bike is easier to ride fast). And that is why we want the newest thing even though we might not be able to ride last year's model to its potential.
  6. Even with the re-pipe? I remember when I bought the bike new in the start of 2010 that everyone was saying re-gear to deal with the slowness of the stock pipe but I thought the stock gearing was suppose to be pretty good once the exhaust flow got opened up?
  7. So I know I need to replace the exhaust and the Dr D full system seems to be a solid choice. Any other recommendations for a mid D-pack vet racer. My priority would be durabilty. My cornering always leaves something to be desired so I am thinking low to mid range power is what I want to help clear some of the larger jumps that I struggle with now but being an old out of shape guy I don't want to feel like I am hanging on for my dear life... I see from searching past posts that the CDI from an '06 is a nice add on. How much difference would this make if I made this swap before changing the exhaust (a used CDI is a lot cheaper...). Even with the exhaust, how much will I notice changing the CDI?
  8. e30M3

    Spoiler Chad Reed

    I jump into the mix... It sure looked liked James was trying to push the Kawi rider out of the way at the beggining of moto 2. He clearly looked over at the Kawi rider and JAME'S bike sure did look like he was heading towards the Kawi. Too bad when he got landed on the Kawi rider went down, I hope the dude is okay.
  9. e30M3

    Chad Reed

    Looks like the background clouds are on his neck. The pic deff doesn't look authentic-but maybe I am wrong:excuseme:
  10. As the title says, where can I go to purchase Amsoil?
  11. e30M3

    39 year-old wants to race MX...ONCE!

    I am in the same boat, ready and wanting but not sure what class. There is a newer track by my house and I have been waiting for them to hold a race as I am too lazy to drive 2.5 hours to another track. Here is the punch line; The day before I find out my local track is going to host a race I make a commitment to go camping with a really good friend for, you guessed it, the day of the race:banghead: My friend would understand if I backed out but I am not that type of friend... Next time maybe.
  12. e30M3

    Craigslist Deal?

    wouldn't buy it and wouldn't ride it. You should be able to find a much nicer '07 for the same price if you are patient and look around.
  13. After reading that article I have to laugh a little. First let me say I have always liked MXA and I love my '09 YZ450 so this is strictly a comment about how articles can be a little misleading, even if they didn't intend for it to be. The article states the list of WORKS parts is minimal and then goes on to say that Yamaha thinks their bikes are race ready in stock form. Both statements are probably true but it kinda implies that Stewart's bike is mostly stock. We all know that no factory bike is mostly stock and by reading the rest of the article this is clearly true. I realize some of the items come down to preference and not because theh part wasn't "race worthy" (such as the foot pegs and the modified subframe). I would assume (and admit I may be wrong) that you could count the major list of unmodified stock parts on your fingers.... Frame, swingarm, rims (and maybe hubs), cylinder (I suspect the head is a GYTR unit which is not stock), and brake calipers. For the record, I am a Reed fan but do rightly acknowledge James is the fastest rider in the world. I was/is an RC fan but I think if he didn't retire, James would still be faster today. With that said, if James doesn't use his brakes and only goes through one set of pads a year-why does he need an oversized rotor:confused: Did I misread that part?
  14. e30M3

    Stewart on the 2010 YZF450

    Well the video I saw simply looks like he was intentionally pushing the front end down into the whoops-it didn't look like he was trying to skim them at all. I suspect he was trying to see how forgivng the stock suspension and frame is?
  15. e30M3

    Flywheel installation question

    That's what I did, thanks. Everything seemed so easy just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something. Know I just need to do the ball bearing mod the the oil filter bolt. And yes, for the fifth time, you can find the bearings at a bicycle shop:smirk: