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  1. thanks Bro, I want to start from scratch..
  2. I wish I could find a used 2008 complete frame that was NOT on ebay
  3. I want to build a YZ125...I am think anywhere from 2001 to 2008... I will start with the frame... what year would you choose and why? remember this will start with the purchase of a powder coated frame.. thanks! Dean
  4. I have a 2007 YZ450F that has been sitting with a dry carb for the past 1.5 years. what parts should I replace? thanks! Dean
  5. yes, the springs are correct.. thanks
  6. Sag is set already...springs are stock...was wondering about the shims. thanks! Dean
  7. i ride MX for the last year...5' 10" 160 lbs...am older so want the bike to be as smooth as possile in landings bumps etc but able to take landings from doubles and table tops. no idea how to dial in thanks all! DEAN
  8. deansreef

    Diabetic Riders

    I am type for 1 for the last 24 years- wearing a pump fpr the past 5 years and have a hard shell case for it- never take it off , just slow the basal down and ride hard Dean
  9. deansreef

    I can't get the primary gear drive nut off

    is there a trick that i am missing...does installing the clutch basket do anything but allow you to lock the crank?
  10. deansreef

    I can't get the primary gear drive nut off

    I was just using a screwdriver thru the arm hole of the crank since I am replacing anyway I am Using a 1/2 impact wrench to no avail
  11. 05 250f ...I cannot get the nut to Crack...I know it is a left handed thread and I am using a high end impact wrench with no success. Is there a trick that I am not aware of?? Thanks Dean
  12. Hi guys I rebuilt the bottom end last year. Reason for the tear down was wear on the crank and also 2nd gear was slipping. I replaced the crank,valves and yes both second gears. After all that 2nd gear still slips.. Is there another suggestion for part replacement- I have the motor off again Thanks Dean
  13. I am looking for graphics for my 2006 RMZ 450- everything i can find on the net is for 2007 or newer. Will the 2007 graphics fit the 2006? tks Dean