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    help iam fat!

    When embarking on a weight loss program remember: 1) Consistent calorie deficit is the key, not large calorie deficits that are sporadic. Huge daily calorie deficits can lead to exhaustion, overtraining, and just plain frustration. IMO better to have small daily calorie deficits and manage them as a weekly calorie deficit. Maintain that weekly calorie deficiet over time. A daily slip up every once in awhile is going to realistically happen so weekly calorie balance management is more realistic. 2) The higher your cardiovascular exercise intenisty, the higher proportion of calories used will come from carbohydrates and not fat. You want to become more efficient as using fat as a preferred fuel (not only is it more efficient athletcially, it is better for your overall health) so you have to practice using that fuel. This means you have to do low intensity cardio (think of an effort level no higher than 6 on a scale of 1 to 10) of long duration. After you have this pure fat metabolizing aerobic base built you can add time in the carbohydrate burning zones. 3) Weight lifting generally will all muscle mass bulk if you keep the repetitions per set high. You have to do very high load, low repetition work to cause an increase in muscle fiber diameter. Doing sets of say 20 will stress muscular endurance. Building muscle mass however will help in consuming more calories at rest and increases strength for use in athletics so sometimes athletes will gain some muscle mass and thus overall weight to lose fat mass later in training. Gaining fat free mass in most cases is favorable to NOT gaining it on purpose. Fat free mass (muscles) is what will consume calories and aid your riding (in most cases again). You don't want to lose all weight, just fat mass. 4) Maintaining a steady blood sugar level by eating smaller amounts often during the day is a much healthier way to eat for several reasons but one advantage to someone on a calorie restrcited diet is that it will prevent you from every feeling starving so you will have less reasons to "cheat". Good luck!!
  2. seijiishii

    Muscles Lock Up while riding

    Some common causes of muscle cramping are: 1) Dehydration 2) Electrolyte imbalance 3) Local musclular glycogen depletion All of which can be battled with a sports drink such as gatorade, use of gels, etc. as they address all three issues. Glycogen depletion is harder to maintain as the sports drinks limit themselves to roughly 6% sugar solution to maitain gastric emptying rate so you need to add some calories with gels or eating while riding for extended periods. This of course assmues that nothing is clinically wrong in the first place! Best of luck!
  3. seijiishii

    whey protein vs other?

    Remember when deciding these things that: 1) Whey protein is the most "available" protein source for most people but some people can have gastric distress due to the dairy source of this protein 2) Weight gain will only occur if you have a steady state of calorie intake exceeding caloire expediture regardless of how many of these calories come from protein 3) You can only process about 20 grams of protein in one feeding so eating more in a feeding only wastes $$$ (the large majority of "mass building" protein drinks are 42 grams so you take half that) 4) Eat enough fiber! Using protein drinks is a large amount of protein without tiber so get some fiber in to aid in digestion and help prevent gastric distress. Some protein drinks are now adding fiber. 5) Muscle mass increases only when actually doing maximim strength type of work where the loads are high and local muscular failure occurs at a very low number or repetitions. High repetition work does not cause in increase in muscle mass, it only increases local muscular endurance. Good luck!! Have a great season!
  4. seijiishii

    How to train when you're not at home...question

    Preparing and brining good foods with you in the cooler is very KEY for travelling professionals for sure. It has to be convenient or poeple won't stick to an eating program IMO. All serious athletes I know that travel for their "real" job prep and pack their foods the night before as stated earlier in this thread. They may give themselves one cheater meal a week for motivational reasons but that's it. You are already on a fitness program it sounds like. One thing you could consider is breaking up cardio sessions into multiple times in a day, even if those sessions are short. When exercise your metabolic rate goes up and stays up for hours. This means your body is consuming more calories "at rest" than usual. Hitting your metabolic rate twice per day means that you spend a larger portion of the day with this higher metabolic rate and thus you are expending more total calories. For more strength training options go to http://www.coachseiji.com and click on the TRX link. TRX is a strength training system that is completely portable and utilizes your own body weight as resistance and the level of resistance is moderated by the angle your body is in. Another bonus of this system is that you have to engage your core and stabilzing muscles on almost all the exercises. I can wholeheartedly recommend this strength training system for anyone travelling or to have as a compact home strength training system. It is VERY challenging to maintain a training program on a travelling schedule but it sounds like you are on the right track. Keep it up man!
  5. seijiishii


    I agree with the thoery that you need to have a level of general conditioning to make the most of your time on the motorcycle. More conditioning work should be done in the off season for sure but a maintenance level of work should be done in the season. After reading this thread IMO, there are some measures that you can practice to improve your day to day recovery. 1) Use a recovery drink that is roughly 4:1 carbs to protein within 30 minutes of finishing a workout (Endurox or equivalent). 2) Eat a full meal within 2 hours of finishing a workout 3) Use very light cardio, especially after moto, for 30 minutes to raise your metabolic rate after moto or on "off" days to stimulate recovery When you choose foods remember that the preferred fuels for muscle contractions are fats and carbohydrates, NOT protein. Protein is metabolized in only dire circumstances like starvation. Also, try to eat often (4 hours in between meals in high training load weeks) to keep your blood sugar constant. Letting your blood sugar fall is one of the largest stressors an athlete can undergo. Protein is the builidng block of tissue and you have to eat enough (the prior suggestions were all sound IMO) and during post workout recovery but it is NOT a refueling source. Recovery can also be enhanced by keeping a steady stream of carbohydrates coming while you are working out and riding moto. Good luck and have a great racing season!