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  1. The Shifty Jesus

    need some feedback on tire hugger idea

    This may or may not help but... Catalyst Racing Composites make a universal hugger to accompany their 450 Super Single bodywork. I'd post a link, but the site is flash based. Products > Other Bikes > 450 Super Single
  2. The Shifty Jesus

    Trail Tech Vapor, Pro's & Con's

    Something(s) got wet my last big trip. For two or three days in the rain I would loose the tach or speedo or the temp reading would go nuts.
  3. The Shifty Jesus

    Wont be riding the drz for a while...(GRAPHIC)

    I saw your soul.
  4. The Shifty Jesus

    Colorado TT'ers - Where to ride?

    A little far north but: My standard "I don't want to think about it route" is: CO74 West from Morristown to Evergreen That eventually hits: CO103 West from Evergreen to Idaho Springs Hop East on I70 to the Central City Pky and take that over the hill through Central City and Blackhawk (sucks) to catch: CO119 North from Blackhawk to Nederland Short Route I take CO72 East from there back to Golden and then home Long Route I continue on CO119 towards Boulder in order to hit 4 Mile Canyon a few times before giving up and taking 119 on down into Boulder and home. Around 100mi not including getting there and back CO74 isn't much to shake a stick at CO103 is pretty amazing CO119 To Nederland has some really good sections and some pretty blah sections CO72 Has some great sections as well, but most of those have a big drop on one side 4 Mile Canyon is fantastic, and I never see anyone there, they're all putting face to ass behind each other on CO119 from Nederland to Boulder behind a few campers. Most these roads are pretty worthless altogether past 10am if not earlier due to slow moving traffic. During the summer I usually end up pulling dawn patrols to hit everything as the sun comes up to avoid everyone. Flagstaff Road out of Boulder, CO46 and Lookout Mountain Road out of Golden can be entertaining, but are usually chock full of cruising Pensioners
  5. The Shifty Jesus

    What do you use to protect your head?

    I hate Icon, but they're just so damn comfey to me.
  6. The Shifty Jesus

    Trailtech Vapor Dimensions

  7. The Shifty Jesus

    Trailtech Vapor Dimensions

    Would anyone know or mind measuring the absolute width of a Trailtech Vapor computer? Thanks, Nick
  8. The Shifty Jesus

    Not another yellow DRZ.

    Congratulations. Makes me wish I could force myself into owning an inline4, but I just hate them. I'm just barely warming up to 4-strokes as it is.
  9. The Shifty Jesus

    ....Things to do with a sock.....

    Better safe than sorry...you never know how many tanks that nozzle has filled.
  10. The Shifty Jesus

    Speed Bleeder

    On every bike I own. They work pretty well.
  11. The Shifty Jesus

    So, The SM's probably gone Saturday and now im thinking...

    Find a used SV to grind daily, save a year for something tasty on the side. It may not be the most inspiring ride, but it'll take the miles like a fat kid loves cake. I have a 650 with 32k on the clocks over the last 2.5 years. It's not so pretty any more and has hit the deck twice but still runs like a clock. It's needed nothing but filters, oil, tires etc. in that time, and they only thing it needs now is fresh suspension. I'm hoping I can get at least another 10k out of it before the valves need more attention that a periodic check.
  12. The Shifty Jesus

    Extended Warranty for non mechanic type rider?

    Extended warranties are for Ducatis.
  13. The Shifty Jesus

    DRZ Room-mate part II! Pics.

    Mind if I ask what one pays these days for a new leftover 999? I'm just curious what dealers are doing with these bikes. It's kind of a bad situation for them.
  14. The Shifty Jesus

    Carb cleaner as brake cleaner?

    Carb cleaner is going the leave a slippery residue.
  15. The Shifty Jesus

    Need Advise, What would you do? SCAMMER ALERT!

    Worse comes to worse, there's always the threat of mail fraud.