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  1. When i am slowing down the i go to give it throtle quickly it bogs out and i dont know why. I tryed cleaning my carb and it still does the same thing. anyone know whats wrong????? my ttr 125 is really making me mad
  2. im gonna get some fork oil and posibly get a yz 85 carb
  3. that was awsome.i would be scared because i came up short on a jump and went over the handle bars it sucked.
  4. pretty nice air
  5. the crf150f and the ttr125 are the best but the crf150f is still better the all of the choises
  6. i think you should run a little bit smaller lights the wont take as much power.Run them to a on/off swich so they arm't on all the time.
  7. how much should i sell my tt-r 125 with a fmf powercore 4 exaust on it for? i am looking forward to buying a 06 TT-r 230.
  8. buy a yamaha pw 50 or pw 80 they are great beginer 2-strokes and easy on gas.
  9. Hi my name is Brad and i think you should watch and study how the people do the double or the triple and watch their technique and how they sit .then as your gonna clear it say i can do it over and over again.thats what i did and it helped me. I was so scared at first on my ttr 125 bet once i did it I said to my self thats not that bad and i kept clearing it great. P.S. make sure you see how fast they go so you don't come up short.GOOD LUCK e-mail me back at brad_yamaha92@hotmail.com