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  1. TCruz

    XT Rear Fender

    When I was looking for a new bike I liked the XT, but I hated how flat the bike was from the tank to rear light. I found a Yamaha fender bag that took care of the flatness but it still looked funny from the rear. I saw a tag bracket for an XT on Ebay and won it. I cut it a couple of inches from the tag holes. It made the rear look way better. What do ya think. http://www.pmfracing.com/ Its on the left.
  2. TCruz

    TT-R50E Hard to Shift

    I tried what chrisg19 did and what a difference! He now has no problems shifting. And it is defiantly not slipping. My 240lbs stepfather got on and rode with no problems. Not sure what the weight limit is but I know the clutch isn't slipping. Thanks Chris my son is now happy.
  3. I too just got my 7 year old a TT-R50E and his is hard to shift too. But the the electric start is worth it for me. He will grab his his boots and helmet and go. All I have to do say yes and sit in the yard. He can get it shift but he has to stick his foot further under the shifter. He has only has it since lunch time yesterday but has already found 3rd gear and I have found "parental fear:. It has already asked me to my XT225 out and race around the yard. Glad to hear the hard shifting isn't just a prob with his bike. To the original poster. I looked at all the 50s and by far liked the TT-R50E the best. Plus you can take out the auto clutch and put in manual later to teach em how to use a clutch. Put on taller forks, higher seat.. Or at least thats what the salesman told me.
  4. TCruz

    TT-R50E Hard to Shift

    Thanks, thats what I was hoping to hear. I have had 5 dirt bikes and 4 street bikes, but this is the first new bike that I have ever had the pleasure to ride. I also just bought a new XT225 for me. It seems to want to idle high after it gets hot but it to only has 49 miles on it. I think I just need to give them both a little break in time before I get to critical of them.
  5. TCruz

    TT-R50E Hard to Shift

    We just got our 7 year old son a TT-R50E for his birthday. It is great but the shifter seems very hard to shift. I even find it hard to shift at times, he can't get it to shift but about 1 out 10 tries. Bike only has about 4 hours on it. Is this normal and just needs a "break in" or does it need some service already? Thanks in advance.