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  1. jonpowderski

    Gold Lake/Jamestown trails

    PM me next time you ride over there...You can never know too much singletrack!
  2. jonpowderski

    Gold Lake/Jamestown trails

    I wasn't at that meeting, but I know some folks that were, and I got the impression that the trails they were talking about designating moto were mostly south of Rollinsville, headed towards Apex. I have ridden over there, and sorry, but that terrain is mostly rock, and I don't see a lot of viable trail options. We have scouted that area out in the past for just this reason, and came away not impressed. I would love to be proved wrong, until then, stealth is the watchword!
  3. jonpowderski

    Gold Lake/Jamestown trails

    I wouldn't hold my breath on getting the west mag trails opened to motos...I ride both moto and mt bike, and the attitude from mt bikers towards motos up there, is "get off of OUR trails". The FS is on their side unfortunately. 7 miles of singletrack in the entire county for motos is ridiculous, hopefully the FS will figure this out.
  4. jonpowderski

    good news - Rico-West Dolores

    Correct me if I am wrong, isn't this just the first step in the ongoing lawsuit brought by these folks? They are still trying to close these trails, they just wanted them closed immediately, and the judge refused to do this. As far as I know, the lawsuit hasn't been adjudicated yet.
  5. jonpowderski

    Rampart Range dog rescue

    As a fellow dog owner, I want to say thanks a lot for your rescue of these dogs. I would be terribly distraught if I lost my dog.
  6. Unlike Taylor Park, which encourages off roading, the Breck area is under constant assault from the greenies with regards to off roading. I am guessing that the lack of replies from that area indicates this.
  7. jonpowderski

    Cement Mountain Trail South TH

    If it is the roaring judy trailhead, it isn't around any trees. We were there last weekend, and I think that the trailhead is marked ( I didn't look at the sign because I knew where I was). It is kind of in the middle of Jacks' Cabin cutoff on the right as you are going west. It eventually turns into the Rosebud trail which goes over to Deadman's. [/i]
  8. jonpowderski

    Willow Creek/Snyder creek

    The northern end of the trails over by the Illinois river were as wet as I have ever seen them . The other side of 125 was dusty.
  9. jonpowderski

    Willow Creek/Snyder creek

    Not to bum you out, but the FS is sending in a crew this summer to shut down the phases. Conversely, the FS has a crew at Rand this week, clearing deadfall.
  10. No. the route you described is the only way to access those trails.
  11. jonpowderski

    Colorado 500 Map and/or Aspen Crested Butte

    There is no specific route, that's the beauty of the 500. Most of the riding between Aspen and Crested Butte takes place in Taylor Park. There are several maps of the trails in the basin, look up Trails Illustrated.
  12. jonpowderski

    Technical Single Track riding buddies?

    Are you sure that they didn't say gold lake, not gold hill?
  13. jonpowderski

    Left Hand Fire

    It didn't start in Heil, it was up at the ohv area. No one knows if it was shooters or off roaders. I hope the former, maybe the forest circus will ban them.
  14. jonpowderski

    Moab trail conditions?

    Let us know what you find out, also Rabbit Valley if you are there. Thanks
  15. Has anyone ridden in Rabbit Valley, and or, the Swell lately? Wondering if they are both rideable? Thinking about heading out in the next couple of weeks.