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  1. InaneCathode

    hare scramble bike

    Caps lock capitalizes each word? Dude i want your keyboard
  2. InaneCathode

    alum or not alum?

    Steel bends, aluminum doesnt. Considering its an offroad application where you expect lots of flexing i'd really rather go with steel if it isnt a huge weight penalty. Also, steel shows stress and sometimes cracks before its about to fail. Aluminum doesnt do this, it just breaks straight through.
  3. That's wildly inaccurate. Assuming everything HF carries is garbage i guess is easier than actually looking at their product and making a case by case judgment. Besides, it's all hand assembled by old Chinese ladies anyway The table *looks* fine, but you need to actually look at it. You can always send it back if its not up to snuff.
  4. InaneCathode

    Hello! New here!

    Wow, fourth page already, i can tell its mostly riders here Bike looks fantastic, should have pictures up tomorrow. Everything is there, sans turn signals and a horn. Driving home i looked up to find the seat gone from the bike! I guess it wasnt that secure! Upon checking when i got home, it had somehow blown forward into the bed under the toolbox, weird. Mods, if this thread isnt in the right place, feel free to move it
  5. Coolant isnt just for cooling actually. Part of coolants job is to lubricate the water pump, protect the engine block and radiator from electrolytic corrosion, and raises the boiling point. I'd go with engine ice, better lube purposes.
  6. InaneCathode

    Hello! New here!

    For sure (i dont believe in dualsport tires, just dirt tires with "offroad only" ground out )
  7. InaneCathode

    Hello! New here!

    Thanks wes! Good to be back ^-^ I'll have to look the bike over again once i get it home, it was in the dark when i looked at it. Well, electrics are easy anyway Seems like the tt500 is kinda a rare beast, at least in usage. Xt's are super popular but i guess the appeal of dualsport is ever lasting Naw, finding parts for this will be a cake walk. Old stuff is pretty much all i deal with ^^, plus old yammie parts or all pretty much interchangeable, lots of people are still thumping around with old bikes these days Well i'm off today to drop of the 250, and pick up the 500, wish me luck (i'll just make this my build thread methinks, keep the crap storm of separate posts under control)
  8. InaneCathode

    Hello! New here!

    Howdy everyone, i'm new here (well not really, i signed up aaages ago but never posted) I'll skip the nicey nice stuff and get right down to it: I'm trading my 81 xt250 for a tt500 (think its an 80?). The xt250 runs, the tt does not. I figure its a fair trade. As far as i can tell (first time i've ever heard of a tt500 to be honest) the xt is just a DS version of the TT. I dont have a truck, and my little beetle can barely haul its stamp steel ass ass around enough without lashing it to a trailer, so pure offroad bikes arent useful to me at this particular junction. Therefor, i'm going to convert the tt500 into an xt500 (at least make it street legal). The tt is probably about 60 percent done on that venture. It has a speedometer now, a headlight, and enough wires sticking out to hang a snake. The exhaust isnt connected, and a couple cables could be replaced. One thing i know it's missing is a battery and an R/R. That leads me to my first question: How do the electrics from a tt500 compare to an xt500? Is there a significant difference? I know i need some sort of reserve power (battery) for the tt, and and r/r (has it ever had one?). Too long didnt read; What's missing on a TT500 that would make it acceptable for dual sport purposes? Thanks for reading, i look forward to your responses- Inane
  9. Maybe my first post was a bit complex, but: I need to jet my xt250 in a bad way, its still jetted stock, and im running in excess of 9000 feet. Bogs off of idle, and misses real bad when its hot. Is this worth doing myself? (I can break the carb down and re assemble it with a midget tied to my face, but as far as jets go, they all look the same to me)
  10. Do what i did, go vintage. I scored a 50 dollar xt-250 that needed a rear sprocket, its the coolest damn bike ive ever seen, ive ridden it 150 miles to get to a trail system, drop some siiiiiick ass boulder gardens, then driven it home to get a bite to eat. Frankly, i'd go small, although theres no replacement for displacement on the streets, you reaaaaaally dont want to be piloting anything bigger than 400cc on the trails (i think, due to gearing and what not)
  11. InaneCathode

    4 stroke 250F or 2 smoke 125?¿

    I just like 4 strokes all around. That and 2 smokes piss me off like something aweful, i'd rather have the smooth power, the tourque- And not a herd of other bikers behind me getting smoked out seriously... it smells...
  12. As the title suggests, i dont know a main jet from my left shoe- Ive got an xt250, its a nice bike and all, but problem is, im running at 9000 feet most the time (when i take it down the hill its around 5000) it runs basically fine, unless you throttle the throttle quickly, in which case it hesitates, then wraps up (probably the accelerator pump, yea) Once it is wrapped up, it misses pretty bad, every 4-5 power strokes. Also, for the life of me i take the carb apart, and every jet looks the same, and plus i cant find ANY adjustment on this at all, no clips, no ridges or screws, everything just sort of sticks in place. PS If someone knows a trick to get the damn carb out without skinning ones nuckles off and scraping the hell out of the airbox, let me know