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  1. kenyz

    From quads to bikes. 250 or 450?

    If you're fine with the 450r, you'll do well on a 250f. A 250f will outrun your 450r. Stock they throw down practically the same hp/tq but the bikes got the trx covered coming in almost 200 lbs lighter.
  2. kenyz

    typical quad rider(vid)

    gimme a break. flag. check. helmet check. spotter. check not everyone does that shit. its the people not the quads. have you never see people on bikes do stupid things? i believe weve seen a few videos on this forum
  3. lol I just realized on my way to work today that I typed " instead of ' in my post....now im the jackass oh well. but in my defense I did the math right for what I meant lol. I figured someone would have called me on it. But note 4 inches is 1/3 of a foot. .4 is still incorrect in feet, .4 is 4.8 inches. no flaming or anything meant just helping out my original post Oh and I did forget to give him props for his jump. And to you guys saying none of "us" have the balls to do it. Not saying I do, but how do you know?
  4. I wouldn't normally say anything about his Cali comment, but this dude came off as a real cocky prick. And Ryan, DUDE, 4 inches is not .4, its 1/3' . Sell the bike and get back in school bud
  5. kenyz

    I Hate Quads!!!!

    i bought mine cuz its fun its all about the operator. if the person on the track drives within their capabilities and not above their head, there is no real problem. i dont see quads as being any more dangerous than a bike as a lot of people here, i ride on 2 and 4 wheels.
  6. did you install the divx codec? if not, you need to before you can watch it
  7. kenyz

    Iron Butt

    that 2nd pic is....omg....crazy. i wouldnt even dare lol
  8. kenyz

    Fix It Yourself Damnit!!!!

    i didnt know a carb from my a****l till i decided i wanted a sport quad and found yfzcentral, read just about everything there was to know about the quads and bought one. i can do simple maint. so far. adding this and that here and there. just read, take it slow, in time it will come. i think an ex pc "mechanic" is about as far removed as you can be from a motor so anyone that wants to learn can do it
  9. kenyz

    riding in st louis

    cant beat $3/orv for upto 13hrs of riding lol ive heard of this track called the proving grounds i think the site is theprovinggrounds.com and there is supposed to be one in wentzville...dunno the name
  10. oh no no no disrespect intended i think the helmet cam slows the video down a bit. you had good speed when you were being followed, lol i just have a thing for WO on straight aways
  11. lol that was a wicked intro/ending good job , but give that bike some more throttle for me
  12. kenyz

    Let see everyones computer desktop.

    i think i got it from allthingsmoto.com here you go dude http://img301.imageshack.us/my.php?image=jmcgwallpaper160fq.jpg
  13. look at it as the fuel screw is covering a gap like a long pin that you screw in/out. as you screw it IN it closes the gap more and more against (lets say the wall) that lessens the amount of fuel it is getting and thus leans the mix by allowing more air/less fuel out is the opposite, you are opening the gap....providing more fuel and richening the mixture
  14. kenyz

    Let see everyones computer desktop.

    here you go http://img294.imageshack.us/my.php?image=desktop1fo.png