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  1. welcome . check the posting of the past for info theres allot of it . if the bikes running a little rich don't worry about . better rich than lean . for hard starting check the auto decompression cable . at top dead center of compression stroke cable play should be at 1.5mm . when i got my 503mx it was about 3mm-4mm felt like i was going to brake my foot .pain in the to start .after adjustment starts like a 125 2 stroke and in about 3 kicks. oh and make sure there full kicks or you will be wasting your time. good luck and happy hunting for parts.
  2. go to a upholstery shop in your area they should have foam which is softer.which area of Calif. are you in . i might be able to make some recommendations .
  3. fumunda why don't you go buy a pre red sticker bike . that way you don't get hassled buy the rangers or the ttr's. and if the kid doesn't like it you didn't lose that much. problem solved
  4. they make an chain alignment tool . alignment marks on swing arms are notorious for being wrong . there a pretty cheap tool . Motion Pro 8048
  5. went last year got stuck there for 6 hours trying to leave on the final day . but it was worth it , very awesome. the bikes sound sick , TV doesn't do them Justice. go you won't be disappointed.
  6. " kiss my a--" Ted Nugent
  7. i have a set of ACERBIS on mine there just the universal type.
  8. signed it Spam should be the least of your worries
  9. please count me in as well
  10. wow nice avatar but you need her to loose the background .she needs to loose some other things to like clothing A little steel wool will get that pants burn off the pipe
  11. Just got an email from BigGun and they don't make the exhaust system for the VOR's anymore . sorry
  12. clear creek 10 glamis 10 Hollister 8 ( when i didn't have to pass sound check ) Hollister 7 (when i did to have pass sound check) pismo 7 club moto 7 metcaf 6 ( it's close by )
  13. I have a BigGun exhaust on mine .you might want to try them . only problem is there a little on the loud side about 106db to 110db.but they make good power
  14. i don't mind loud pipes unless there excessively loud . around 96db is good for me . i can here you coming around the corner but don't have the ringing in my ears as you leave. i have a 99 VOR 503MX the pipe on it puts out 106db witch is to loud , but it's hard to find a quiet exhaust for it. so until i find a quieter one i just ride where there no noise problems. i also back off the throttle when passing just for courtesy. just my 2 cents