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  1. wow i havent been on here in a while, I dont really care what you type, you could type something bout your bike if you have a problem. Dude your bike sucks, its so small its not even funny, 150's are gay. hehehehehe.hehehehehehehehehehehehehehahahaahYour not actuallygonna post this are you?
  2. go with the utah sport cycle skid plate. it was the best dang thing i have put on my bike.
  3. y the hell did honda put the spark plug behind the goose neck like 7 inches down in the engine? like we their engineers not thinking that it might hafta come out some time????? is soo hard to get out and dirt is always gettin stuck back in there!!!!!!
  4. i had the engine off my bike. and before i took everything apart the one screw was stripped but the other one worked so it was ok. so i got everything off and fixed and put it back together. and both of the gas tank bolts r stripped. and the way honda set it up they welded the nut to the bottom of the bolt hole. so its not a loose bolt. but now the nut is stripped and the bolt is not long enough to get another nut on. so everytime i fall my gas tank like falls off. its screwed up. anny suggestions would help. thanx guys
  5. wow i havent been on here in a while. anywho ohhh i have an 94 xr 250 l(hence the name). but i was wondering wat the speeds were in the differant gears? cuz i got these fields i ride in and the one hill i go up im 5th gear W.T.F.O up it and takes me like 100-150 to stop and i was just wondering how fast i was going? thanx kids peace
  6. wow dude i got the same problem i always hit my nuts of the tank an i have to like stopp and wait till the sickness passes. i just hit the jump harder and get the the smotth landing mound now
  7. should u really use motorcycle oil instead of car oil? wats the differance? and wat is the best kind? and is there any cheap kinds? I have no clue?
  8. ok i know alot about my bike but the one thing i really dont know about is jetting. i have no clue where it is(other than in the carb. somewhere)? how to change it? wat to change it to? wen it will run good with one and wen it will run good with another setting? how to get to it, to change it? and wat good will it do? help please
  9. well my xr is a 94 but i got my bike for $750. my brother also got a drz350 for 750 from the same guy. but suzuki's suck. so there thats prolly the lowest.
  10. thanx guys ill check that stuff out
  11. yz250ftony: So you are saying that kickstands prefer the opposite sex? yes that is wat im saying.
  12. ok i ride my bike everyday atleast for an hour, if not more. and i check the oil before i start it everyday, becuz it has a very very small leak. Anywho i also let it warm for anywhere from 5-10 minutes. and then i ride.....hard. but after like ridin for 10 minutes the engine is so hot i can feel the heat through my riding boots and riding pants. AND IT IS SOOOOO HOT!!!!! and the longer i keep riding the hotter it gets. and it doesnt cool down for like 3 hours. i dont know if the xr250r's have radiators but my xr250l is air cooled. soo people have told me the faster i ride the coller it gets. is that true? and is it normal for the bike to get so hott so fast? other than the heat the bike runs great. Thanx, Zach
  13. y aren't u supposed to screw in the cap?
  14. i was just wondering wen u would know wen it is time to get a new piston in the xr . right now mine is running great, except it smokes like a grey smoke wen im warming it up. but other than that it runs awesome . it just seems that my xr is like indestructable . should i change the rings as well, if i change the piston? and does anybody know where to get a nice but inexpensive piston and rings?
  15. well if its anything like a 94 xr250l the baffel is welded in. its becuz they r dual bikes and the sound laws or wat ever for it to be street legal. i know complete bummer. i tried taken mine out too