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    Marzocchi Shiver/Monster compatibility...

    I can get a used one for cheap, and they are very durable. Buy used, and simply get new bushings, seals, oil, tune it and your ready to go. I think I will give Zokey a call about getting the moto crowns for the shiver. Thanks for the help guys!
  2. FoxRacingShox

    Marzocchi Shiver/Monster compatibility...

    I am talking about the Mountain Bike versions. Shiver DC http://marzocchi.com/template/detailSPAForksMTB.asp?LN=UK&Sito=mtb&Forcella=&IDFolder=113&IDAnno=8357&IDIntendedUse=2463&OEM=&mCO=Prgho%5ChduPrgho%5Chdu%23GHVF%2F%23VhulhRuglqh%2F%23QrphIrufhood&mCW=DQG%23%26Prgho%5ChduPrgho%5Chdu%26%23A%40%23%2A5334%2A%23DQG%23%26DP%26%23%40%234%23DQG%23%26Prgho%5Chdu%26%23%40%23%3B68%3A%23DQG%23weoRjjhwwl1LGRjjhwwr%23LQ%23%2BVHOHFW%23LGRjjhwwr4%23IURP%23weoRjjhwwlUhod%7Dlrql%23ZKHUH%23LGRjjhwwr5%23%40%235796%23DQG%23LGWhpsodwhIlhog%40%23793%2C&mCJ=&IDOggetto=8471 Monster T http://marzocchi.com/template/detailSPAForksMTB.asp?LN=UK&Sito=mtb&Forcella=&IDFolder=113&IDAnno=8357&IDIntendedUse=2463&OEM=&mCO=Prgho%5ChduPrgho%5Chdu%23GHVF%2F%23VhulhRuglqh%2F%23QrphIrufhood&mCW=DQG%23%26Prgho%5ChduPrgho%5Chdu%26%23A%40%23%2A5334%2A%23DQG%23%26DP%26%23%40%234%23DQG%23%26Prgho%5Chdu%26%23%40%23%3B68%3A%23DQG%23weoRjjhwwl1LGRjjhwwr%23LQ%23%2BVHOHFW%23LGRjjhwwr4%23IURP%23weoRjjhwwlUhod%7Dlrql%23ZKHUH%23LGRjjhwwr5%23%40%235796%23DQG%23LGWhpsodwhIlhog%40%23793%2C&mCJ=&IDOggetto=8472 I would probably rather the Monster than the shiver, but I am still unsure of compatibility. I can get them for quite a cheap price, and the Monster has nice tuneability.
  3. FoxRacingShox

    Marzocchi Shiver/Monster compatibility...

    I am a mountain bike mechanic and I wrench on alot of DH bikes. I was wondering what the biggest dirtbike I would be able to fit a Marzocchi Shiver DC (35mm stanchion one), or a Monster T to without making the headangle too steep. Would it fit on something like a KX 60? These forks use 20mm thru-axles with 110mm spacing. 1 1/8" threadless steer tubes with about 7" of steerer tube. The ShiverDC has 190mm travel, with an Axle-To-Crown height of 605mm. The Monster T has 200mm travel, and the A2C height is a little higher. I think I have seen a Monster on an XR50, but I am not sure. Any Ideas? Thanks, Chris