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  1. Baja trail Rider

    xr400 yoshimura trs exhaust

    Mine is in Classifieds because I sold my loved 440. The Yosh muffler does come apart to repack takes some force,wd40. When I installed the Yosh header/ muffler. My bike became a rocket, And I have had all headers/mufflers on that bike. My riding partner 440 has a very hot cam in his. Mine has mild cam,on the top end his bike would run away and hide from mine.. With only mounting the Yosh header muffler(bigger pilot jet) My bike leaves his like its parked,also goes sideways.When not expecting it. . Major power increase that I thought was not possible,with just header/muffler change.
  2. Baja trail Rider

    Bike prep

    With the time I ride every week,No one beats Seat Concepts..
  3. Baja trail Rider

    XR400 top end rebuild with oil consumption

    I have never had to change ever valve guilds on any Of over 30/40 Xrs. When you take apart your 15/20 year old Xr. New valves,seals,valve springs/Cam chain/ Bore/new piston. Most all machine shops, will over bore your cylinder.You need write down on work order clearance you want. When you pick up Cyl take it to other shop to check Clearance. When you look at old bore you cant see out of round Cyl. When you rebuild this way your Xr goes 10/15/20 years.When you do it have way 6 months. Since you went to the trouble to take off whole top end. That was the time to do it all.
  4. Baja trail Rider

    Ca plated 230 in NorCal.

    Same here moved from So Cal to baja,just to ride free. Its funny the Mexican customs ,make you have current Reg in to Mexico. Once in Mexico you can ride your dirt bike on highway no plates.Its not the money on getting green sticker,its the using the money. To close riding areas,and enforce that,with green sticker money.Also Rob your green sticker money for other things. No money for the Rats,then less closing of land. Also how about pick up truck registration in Cal rip off .My 20 year old truck 360$,Now 61$ S Dakota. Mexico is cheap for dirt bike to street plate,But it has to be imported.Into Mexico first 700$ UP rip off again. That is why all the Mexicans with street/dirt bikes ride without plates. Even when I ride main highway,pass Highway Patrol inspection they wave us by.
  5. Baja trail Rider

    Bike prep

    I have had to make my own custom seats for years. Because all the aftermarket seats not good. When Seat Concepts came out even better then mine!
  6. Baja trail Rider

    Super Torker "ST" cam info

    I will be thinking of what cam to use,also then use thin Head gasket. Thanks for input Terry
  7. Baja trail Rider

    Future rides

    No sir it looks like scary down hill only.South side of wash if it even is a trail. Waiting on you TR to come to Baja.
  8. Baja trail Rider

    Is it normal to lose any coolant at all?

    I ride both air cooled and water cooled. Your right .
  9. Baja trail Rider

    Help me to understand the pw 28 carb

    Dont bother with stock carb. After owning Xrs for too many years.1972 XL250 many Xr250.and Xr300/Xr400/xr440/Xr600/650. I believe that stock carb even on stock motor (even with mods) you will benefit more with 28mm carb. It is not just this carb is bigger,its how it works.It wakes up the 230.
  10. Baja trail Rider

    Future rides

    The way I see it now the only way (to get past this Rancho from Meling) is trail on South side going down to Vicente G wash (if there is one) From what I understand there is no more talking to Rancho where problems made. The meetings from Ejido in this area,3 ranchos attending give me this info. I also state since Cameron,feels no need to comment on this himself.He has no concern what so ever.
  11. Baja trail Rider

    Super Torker "ST" cam info

    Question for Terry If I ever want to try hotter cam. I think I would be stuck with buying Hardened Rockers again. So I would need to sell my complete matched set,to off set cost again.
  12. Baja trail Rider

    Ca plated 230 in NorCal.

    Riding partner 6 months ago bought CA plated 06 CRF230 2,500$ as new. You can still plate CA dirt bikes but 600/700$. I plated mine in South Dakota 26$, Not for Baja no plates needed. Problem I had if I take bike out of Mexico,cant get it back in without current Reg. Noway would I ever pay for CA green sticker.So they can use money to close more land.
  13. Baja trail Rider

    Am I too big and too old?

    There is only one person I know that does not like the 230. My riding partner on fully built Xr440/or Wr450. He says your built 230/254cc is still slow,but tiring to pass it is another thing. Also if I turn off trail to go up mountain with no trail. He says not again,as we pick up his bike on top of him. The little girls bike a blast to ride.
  14. Baja trail Rider

    Help me to understand the pw 28 carb

    The Motion Pro throttle I use is call CR type throttle. It is inexpensive just little quicker then stock. They have 3 more quicker throttles,but I dont know if for 28mm carb. For me since I ride many different bikes It is important for me. To have all our bikes with throttles same action. When another rider cant get up hard steep trail,its up to me top ride it up. The 1/4 turn quick throttle is not for slow hard trail,you blink off the side. Years back My TT680 with two 29mm smooth bores Kit came with 2 into 1 quick throttle. I suffered for 6 months thinking it was the carbs,on 10hp increase to built 680.So we took stock long throw dual cable stock TT600 throttle. Converted it to pull only dual cable for two carbs. Best mod we did to that bike. Getting back to the 28mm carb major power increase over stock carb,highly recommend it. Thanks to Terry for putting it in Kit to bolt on. I had hell finding Adapters to mount it,Took all day. To find tubing in my junk collection that fit both ends. Also thanks Steve for turning on on to that carb. I have done back to back testing PWK carb V stock carb,also on many hill climbs. Its a winner.
  15. Baja trail Rider

    Is it normal to lose any coolant at all?

    Why Because all of our bikes overheated And all the Yamalube on ground past over flow tank. 100% coolent no fuss or mixing.