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  1. Palcom

    DRZ400S wheelie good?

    My friend is 280lbs, and he can wheelie my DRZ i 2nd all stock.. its grab the bars and bang them up
  2. Palcom

    DRZ400S wheelie good?

    There are some crazy taxes on motorcycles and cars here in Denmark... So i paid 6000 USD for the plate ... the bike is just the same!
  3. Palcom

    DRZ400S wheelie good?

    It was street legal, its possible to buy a non street legal version for 6000USD...
  4. Palcom

    DRZ400S wheelie good?

    Its street legal in Denmark, but it aint cheap... its 12'000usd stock ... plated.. And now im looking at a BMW GS1200, and it will cost 42100usd.. stock And im 18 years old... that just aint fair!
  5. Palcom

    DRZ400S wheelie good?

    I got a stock DRZ400SM, and i can whellie it withput clutch i 2nd. http://motorcykelgalleri.dk/uploads_large/56616.jpg http://motorcykelgalleri.dk/uploads_large/56615.jpg And i only had it for 3month, and newer tried to whellie before..
  6. Palcom

    money spent on bikes

    05 DRZ400SM 13'500USD 97 XR400R(Tuned) 7'000USD (Bought this year) 2xXL125 4'000USD Mods 5'000USD Totalt 30'000USD Its just not that great living in Denmark
  7. Palcom

    Honda XR400 vs DRZ400

    I have had 2 x XR400, and got a DRZ400SM now. I think the XR is great for mud and newbies like myself, it just has great lowend, and its quite nipple... It needs some power if you are riding high speed sand and so. I think the DRZ has a better motor, it doesn't feal like it has as much lowend, but its quite fast if you are in the right gear. I drag the XR400 and the DRZ is just way faster. I can follow a XR650 from 0-70mph... I also had a XR440 with complete CRD system, airbox mods and flatside caburator, but the DRZ is almost just as fast, and a lot easier to drive... I would go for the DRZ
  8. Palcom

    06 Drz400S, What did you pay ?

    12'000USD with taxes and plated... All stock!.. It just anit that great living in Denmark!
  9. Palcom

    CRF450 frame xr400 motor

    i dont know if this is a CRF frame, but it looks nice XR400
  10. Palcom

    Your first motorcycle

    2x XL125 + XR400 bought at my 17years birthday
  11. I has a dedicated PC for video editing. The specs is: 2.4Ghz Celeron D Asus Mobo 2x1gb PC3200 ram 4x200gb @ raid 0 Matrox G400max dualhead And just bought a Raptor Capture/Hardware acc card. The 2.4GHZ is enough power for me, you only use the CPU power while rendering, and if you use Premier you can just set a work field to render. I bought a good mobo, because this means EVERYTHING in a computer, and this machine just needed to be stable. the 2gb of memory just seams to make a difference... i also use this computer for editing .raw in photoshop, its just nice to have much memory The 200gb disks is setup in raid 0, which means that every file is split i 4, and than put on 4 different disk, this is much faster. It took the Matrox G400max because its a nice 2d card, it has a nice image, and dualhead, and this is just nice when editing video. The raptor card is still in its box, but this should make me able to see the video realtime without rendering -Anders
  12. Palcom

    Size of XR250/400 riders?

    Today i just bought a XR400 97' with a lot of nice parts ... There was i Carb kit with acc. pump. ported and polished cylinder head, and some other stuff... and its just FUN ... I was driving some real tight trails today, but it just had everything i needed... the old cool torque, but a LOT more power when you need it... My friend was racing a 650R, and he can only use some of all the power its has when we get +100km/h..
  13. Palcom

    Size of XR250/400 riders?

    I've ridden XR250, XR280, XR400, XR440, XR650R. Im 143lbs, and 190cm I you my bike as a dualsport bike, i have to go to school every day, and i have about 70miles a day.. The 250 is great in woods, but it needs some power when driving sand and so. The 400 is great for me, it just has the extra power i need, and i dont have the problem with the heigth My friend have a 650R with i have ridden a bit, but its just to big, and wild to me, its just makes me tired