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  1. Your lucky! Over here the piston kit cost twice that. For the pushrod seal which is an actual seal not an o'ring, I went to my local bearing supplier and bought a TC12362 seal. I think the stock one maybe 6mm deep and I had to settle for a 5mm. Has lasted 10 months so far. You won't go wrong with Torquemonster. I have dealt with him twice and my stuff arrived in Australia really quickly and just as described.
  2. Hi, I had the same problem. After a lot of googling I found these part numbers that maybe a cheap fix. You may want to replace the seal that goes on the clutch pushrod as well. Worked for me. Clutch Slave Cylinder O-Ring 23.52 X 1.78 mm, KTM P/N 0770020210, Clutch Slave Cylinder O-Ring (oversize) 23.00 X 2.00 mm KTM P/N 0770230020 Good luck.
  3. cdmann

    520 sx 2002 Will not start

    Try turning the engine over with the spark plug removed. That will take most of the compression question out of the equation. You may just have a problem with the kick starter shaft. Not too bad. Remove the clutch cover and look. If it still wont roll through with a gengle stroke with the Kick Starter you may have a serious problem. I had a 02 400 exc (which is a small version of your 520) that broke an inlet rocker arm. The shop missed some of the crud that had fallen into the tranny and 6 months later I had an instant lock up when junk got jammed in the ballancer shaft and drive. Hope something like this is not your problem, but if you can't move the kicker after trying these things above, I would not force it. You may do more damage. Damage=$'s
  4. You have a 505 and want more bottom end?? Wow! The TPS can be adjusted slightly by loosening two small screws on the actual TPS on the throttle body and slightly turning left or right. You will need a multi meter and a manual or do a search on "How to tune TPS". Never heard of cutting wires on TPS. Personally I would give that a BIG miss.
  5. 505 . You aren't looking for the 'dual map' wire by any chance? That makes more sense than cutting wires or playing with your TPS (Throttle Positioning Sensor).
  6. I use 14/50 for bush stuff. It makes 1st a bit tall in the tight stuff, but keep a finger on the clutch and "eyes up" and is OK. I use a 15 front for desert riding. Makes it a bit difficult to move off, but again OK. Life is a compromise
  7. I'm with the guy above. CAREFULLY push a small feeler gauge or such up into the seal and do a slow 360 to hopefully get out some grit. I always place my 450 on a centre lift stand with no weight on the front wheel between rides. You should also release any pressure from the fork legs via the small phillips head screw on each fork top. Have a rag handy and be careful for your eyes; sometimes there is surprising pressure built up in there!. Try this first' you may be able to save the dollars to spend on something else!
  8. cdmann

    R&D Adjustable fuel screw

    I had one and it was great for like a WEEK!! Then siezed. I went for a JD fuel screw sent from the States to Aussie. Well worth it I reckon.
  9. cdmann


    I agree with cacka_lacka. Go for the R&D Powerpump and JD kit. Fixed my 450's annoying habit of being hit and miss regarding starting. Especially agree about lukewarm starting. Got to wind up the idle speed until the motor warms up past that point. For that issue I am trying a #40 pilot instead of the supplied #42, plus running mixture screw out 2 turns. So far seems to be working well for me! Bike starts easily with the choke when cold and now is a reliable starter when hot (using hot start lever).
  10. cdmann

    Black ClockWork 3.4g Tanks

    Thanks for the reply 443Thumper. Judging by the number of views, seems like there is some interest, but sadly not too many keen buyers. Looks like I will have to go 'clear' as well.
  11. cdmann

    Black ClockWork 3.4g Tanks

    Looks like I'll be going clear too. bummer!
  12. cdmann

    Black ClockWork 3.4g Tanks

    Cool thanks. You may feel like checking out there stuff and maybe contacting them. http://www.clockworkktm.com/
  13. Hi all, I'm very interested in a ClockWork tank for my 08 450 SXf. Personaly I would prefer black over the normal clear. Trouble is, after contact with Kevin from ClockWork, they need a run of about 140 confirmed orders to make this a goer. We have all read about the quality of the ClockWork product, and how if required, it allows the use of KTM fan set up and most important; its low centre of gravity (Oh yeah and its .... Hot Looks). The same 3.4 gallon tank is suitable for 2007 SX models and all 2008-10 model KTM's, both 2 and 4 stroke. Don't forget---These will fit with the fan. Kevin says that if there is enough interest that they could talk to their manafacturer to secure a run of these lovely, range extending beauties. If you are keen please contact Kevin at ----info@clockworkktm.com--- I'm in Aussie but I'm keen, come on you "Yanks", jump onto this please!!
  14. cdmann

    08 450 sxf setup

    hi I had the same problem with the clutch. what I did was drain the oil and remove clutch cover. Then loosen the pressure plate screws to take away any grip on clutch plates. Next top up the master cylinder, add a piece of tube to the Bleeder valve on the slave cylinder. Then retighten two screws on the pressure plate. Take notice if the pressure plate turns or not, if so let some fluid bleed out of the bleeder. Might take a few goes to get it right but it is worth it to have a lever that has feel and takes up on the clutc closer to the bars. good luck!!