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    thanks! Excellent suggestion and will look
  2. TuonoZook


    Hi all, My DRZ400SM is US-Spec, and I shipped it over here to Taiwan. I'm looking for a dash replacement, and the Veypor V2 looks good, albeit a bit on the pricey side. http://www.veypor.com/dash.html Questions: 1. Anyone do this for their DRZ? 2. Anyone have suggestions for a different application/ replacement dash? I would need it to be converted to metric with a push of a button . . . Thanks
  3. TuonoZook

    Street Head Light/ Mirrors Suggestions

    THe HID/ Cyclops thing sounds like an option; the Buell light conversion seems to be a good option as well (I ride on the street only). Aprilia Mirrors sound good too; bar end ones would not be good for my street environment hehe
  4. Hi all, been a long time for me, but after some time riding over here in Taipei city (total concrete jungle, with lane-splitting the norm) I think I need to invest in some better mirrors and particularly a headlight that puts out more candlepower, and maybe is a bit more "stylish (curvy/ funky instead of square-ish). Any suggestions? Thanks guys
  5. TuonoZook

    Potential Rival to the DRZ??

    I've got an 03 Tuono, and its never had a problem. I'd buy the bike pictured immediately if I could find one over here in Taiwan! Until then (and even if I do get the SVX) the DRZ-SM that Eddie worked on will be my trusty steed.
  6. TuonoZook

    what type of helmet do u run?

    I've got so many helmets . . . my wife is calling it a fetish! I've found that for commuting in the city, in the heat, the Arai Tour X (XD in the US) is the best, followed closely by the Thor Force. For most other days (rain etc), I find myself using a road race helmet; either my Shoei X11, Arai Corsair or Suomy Extreme. They're all great helmets, and I've found that for comfort, you get what you pay for.
  7. TuonoZook

    Japanese Web-site that did 0-60 times??

    damn, that site was perfect for cruisin on when work is "slow"
  8. Hey all, Someone had posted a site that has video evidence of a DRZ400SM doing the 0-100 in 3 or 4 seconds. Anyone have a link to that site? Thanks!
  9. TuonoZook

    Post a Picture of your PIMP --> *SM* <--

    EDIT: fixed link . . . http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y130/bkintzley/DRZRightSide.jpg Thanks to burned for the pic AND the work!
  10. TuonoZook

    Out of Line: the hack'd thread...

    awesome video link! more! more!
  11. TuonoZook

    What color is yours?

    black SM; looks very evil! I like!
  12. TuonoZook

    You SM guys better watch out

    everyone over here feels they're skilled like that . . . Taiwan has more scooters per capita (at least it feels that way if it ain't true) and they're all aggressive as hell! No scraping regularly seen, but its a zoo out here!
  13. They want 10K for those Aprilias?? Man, my Tuono cost me 10k. Hard to justify a SM of any caliber at that price Unless you're a pro I guess . . .
  14. TuonoZook

    Essential Mods for a DRZ400SM?

    Hey all, Just thought I'd throw this out there; what would you consider to be essential mods for your brand spanking new 05 SM? I'm having mine sent over from Colorado to Taiwan real soon, and was thinking of having 3x3, Yosh full exhaust, jetting at the very least, as well as some cosmetic changes. Any other mods that you all might consider essential (Taipei is a real hard city on motor vehicles FYI) would be greatly appreciated. My thanks!
  15. TuonoZook

    Helmet Choice

    I wear the XD and its a great blend of the 2 styles, although I confess I don't have much freeway speed riding in it; I would think that the shape of MX helmets have more edges to catch and torque your neck/ head if you should experience a fall, when compared to the relatively streamlined and smooth outer shells of all the RR helmets.