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  1. fest

    how often do you all change your

    air filter every four hours? your kidding?
  2. fest

    Front Brake ?

    i havent had any good crashes!
  3. fest

    Front Brake ?

    halfway through yesterdays motos same thing happend to me. sorta. brake was working fine then like instantly i had no stopping power. brake lever was super spongey. almost like air. but i bled it continously as much as i could between motos, and nothing. i think maybe a piston seal, but its not blowing fluid back into the master. only other think i can think of is that the inner lining inside the line has ruptured, and is then bleeding into the outer lining, creating the spongey feel. i think braided brake lines are in order.
  4. fest

    Finally shes on the home straight!!

    good to hear brutha. go get em.
  5. fest

    Which air filter?

    uni filter rush. i love them. hight maintence tho. on a sandy track i will change it probably every race after practice.
  6. fest

    help: 06kx250f

    camshaft gears slip on their pressed fittings. could be that.
  7. fest

    ode to the KX

    all i hear is "my valves shat" "are the kxfs bad" "should i get the 06 kx". oh well, i got a good kx then. either that or i baby it. either way, it still takes me to 2nd and 5th place finishes in consecutive rounds. very happy. thank you for listening to my knews.
  8. fest

    Do you wear a hat under you helment??

    does anyone wear shoes inside their boots?
  9. fest

    how often do you all change your

    oil every 5 hrs oil filter every 10 spark plug every 10 air filter every time the bike is ridden. also do my muffler packing every 10-15. they are getting very strict with noise laws in our series.
  10. fest

    Muffler Packing

    how many guys have re-packed their stock mufflers? i have packed mufflers before, but in the KXF one i was a little baffled (excuse the pun). standard run of the mill muffler is made up of the core, then packing, then the can. but inside the 06kxf muffler it has the core, THEN, a tightly woven mesh tube with fibreglass woven into it, then the packing, then the can. what is this mesh tube? mine was all oiled up so i did away with it and just put fresh packing in it. bike was instantly noticably different sound. and alot louder in the upper of the rev range. also noticed some better bottom end, i have some theries for the increase in torque. as the mesh is removed it has alowed expansion of the gas, reducing the velocity of the gas in the pipe, thus increasing the torque. i have also noticed it "trying" to pull in the upper rev range, a sacrifice in power. this would also back this up. which is not what i want. the bike also blew out a hell of alot of packing. i include a schematic of the muffler, i have an arrow for where the mesh insert/tube is in the packing, i noticed that is part of the packing, not the core, and i drew a dotted like for where it travels through the packing. i will get pics of the insert asap. you guys with after market mufflers wouldnt have this arangement. anyone have any other insight to this? perhaps anyone with a stock bike looking for more torque try this and see how you go. or anyone with a mod pipe wanting more power, slip in the mesh insert from a stock bike, see if that has an effect in the top end.
  11. fest

    Trying To Help The Kawi Guys Out....

    i love my kx. it goes hard. handles like a dream. of course, like any bike, if you spend thounsands of dollars on the thing it will get better. my mate marty, loves his KX, he is super quick and smooth. but alas on the weekend did his big end. havent had the motor apart yet. the kx is really popular around here, theres prolly 2-3 kxs in the top 5 in every class. ktm no longer dominate.
  12. fest

    Bars twisting when you drop it???

    no im not missing the point. its not a cure for the problem. i had a ktm with that cross brace thing. still twisted.
  13. fest

    Bars twisting when you drop it???

    just get 1 1/8th bars. problem solved.
  14. fest

    06 fork height in triple clamps

    mine are out 3mm to the top of the tube. 9mm to the top of the cap. im 5'11'' and 75 kgs. i cant remember what my clickers are set at, but most of the tracks i ride are sandy./loamy.
  15. fest

    KX250f stroker kits?

    what happend to that absolute rocket of a bike you were getting built for you? or have you turned TT into a house of lies??!!