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    My W400 1/4 mile times

    I took my 2001 model WR400 out to the drags last week. It ran a best time of 13.7 @ 90mph, crossing the line I was on the rev-limiter. That was with the standard 14 tooth front sproket, so this week I decided to fit a larger 15 tooth front sproket and see how it went. With the new sproket on, I ran a best time of 13.6 @ 92mph. At the beginning of the night I was running 13.7 @92, but eventually I got the launch right (2nd gear, heaps of revs and slip the clutch. Front wheel is prolly 1/2 a foot off the ground till just after the 60ft mark.). I reckon that I could probably have gotten a 13.6 out of my 14 tooth sproket as well however. Im going to go back to the 14 tooth. Its better acceleration (easier wheelies too!) and suits the kind of riding I do. The 15 tooth was good for commuting, as the bike didnt rev as much when cruising along. There was a bloke there on his 2003 model Husaberg FE400, I dont know exactley what times he was running, but I reckon he must have been in the mid 14's considering how far behind he was after crossing the line. WR - 10, Hussaberg - 0. If anyone is interested here are my list of mods and jetting stuff: 2001 Aussie spec WR400. Airbox lid removed, FMF Powercore IV. Sea Level, with JD jetting kit, red needle 5th clip from top, 45 pilot, 75 pilot air, 168 main, 200 main air, 2.5 turns out on the fuel screw.
  2. You've had 1 tyre for how long?? Ive had my MT18 for the best part of 4 weeks and already the knobs are worn down to their base! Ill be going for a Maxxis IT next, ive just put one on the front and I love it.
  3. DazTX3

    Foam filter maintenance question

    2 litre bucket, 1/3 full of petrol, dunk filter, squeeze, repeat until clean. Pour some Bel-Ray filter oil on filter, work in. Squeeze out excess. Grease around edge of filter to seal to box. 5 minutes, done. I find when using petrol and squeezing, all the dirt that was sucked deep into the foam gets brought back to the surface by the squeezing action and the flow of the petrol. This may not happen if you simply soak it. Only the filter brands that use cheap glue will be effected by petrol.
  4. DazTX3

    The old grey wire question

    I also read where the grey wire is only a feature on US bikes. Can anyone confirm if my Australian 2001 WR400 has a grey wire that needs cutting?
  5. DazTX3

    Buying a used 00 WR400 - Questions

    Anyone else out there have opinions on this?
  6. DazTX3

    Buying a used 00 WR400 - Questions

    I had a look at the bike today. I noticed that the kick start leaver has a large dent in it where it has smacked into some part of the frame or pegs repeatedly. I seem to remember reading somewhere that this was an indication of something important, like perhaphs the rider was trying to kick through the compression stroke which means something bad... ? It started on the first kick for him, Im not sure it was a true cold start because he knew I was coming to look at it and had plenty of time to warm it up. It idled fine, I took it for a ride and it seemed ok, but then again Ive never ridden a WR400 before. Its in at the local Yamaha dealer getting checked over for me. Im still worried about the high mileage tho.
  7. I'm going to be looking at a used 2000 model WR400 in the next few days, Ive spoken to the owner about the bike and I have a few questions for the folks in the know. The bike has done around 30,000km (18,600 miles) and 10,000km (6200 miles) ago he did the big end bearing, and rings. He rides it on the road, as well as off road trails, I would assume the majority of the km traveled were on the road. He rides with a mate of mine, and knowing him, he rides pretty hard. The current owner is the first and only owner of the bike and has not done any modifications. I assume that means none of the 'free-power' upgrades. I am a little concerned about the high mileage the bike has done. You don't hear of WR400s that have 30,000km on them very often. Can anyone tell me if I should be worried about this? What other parts on the bike would typically be getting tired at this stage? Are there any common issues with the 00 model WR400 that I should be aware of? One last question for the Australians here. The bike is currently road registered, but the owner says that he doesn't have the blinkers. If I were to purchase it I would need to get a road worthy done. Apart from buying blinkers, what else do bikes typically need for road worthy's? Forgive me, as Ive never had to register a bike before. I assume its the usual items like brakes, lights, tyres, oil leaks ect. Am I missing anything? Cheers. PS: Ive been searching these forums for the past 3 days and have found a mountain of useful information. Forgive me if my questions have been covered elsewere.