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  1. dr.z, when are you goin??
  2. didnt make it, didnt want to load the sleds and bikes! ill let you know how george is this weekend though! i gotta get out there!!
  3. i will let you guys know sunday. with some pics too. see ya soon!
  4. go to motoutah.com for maps and ideas....good site! yeah cherry creek...yummy! were goin sat. see you there:p
  5. i raced a kx and cr500 up the face at sand mt. in utah and got beat, but the same bikes cant hang in the bush. wouldnt consider a 5 over my 300....ever!
  6. im no expert at all......i would bring it to a shop with a dyno. they will get the most out of your carb! they are my bros so i got it done for free, i think they charge average joes 50$. i have an 07 300 xcw, they dropped my main jet about 14 and raised my needle two clicks. they turned it into a beast. they also did my buddies 525 and found 9 ponies. like i said im no pro so good luck. katooms for life.
  7. anyone know the conditions at cherry creek or the dunes? thx boys
  8. anyone riding hobble 6/1 or 6/2? any online trail maps? thx boys!!!
  9. 2 of us are int/x.....and 1 guy is on his 3rd ride. we need some patience with our newer rider! If you have some good stuff in mind it wouldnt be a problem to let the new guy putt around on his own for a while..... Where are you thinkng about riding?
  10. Hello boys. I was hoping to get a little info on where to ride around St. George area?? I have rode down there one weekend, we rode to the east on some red rock type stuff. It was some good riding. Any info on some other areas would be great..Or if you have a ride planned and wouldnt mind some stragglers were in! THX boys:eek:
  11. What state are you in devon211?? I have never bought a new bike before. The msrp I think was 6300ish, in Utah we must get nailed good for taxes and registration, I guess!
  12. I got my 07 300xcw 3 weeks ago, Paid $7340 out the door, cash baby. Last weekend i got it up to 86 mph, Fastest ive been on a dirtbike! By far, hands down the best bike ive owned. Good luck and enjoy our 300's boys.........
  13. Im picking mine up from Access Motorsports in salt lake for $6600.00 Id probably pay more..........
  14. cherry creek is great, w/lots of easy to difficult stuff. its out past the dunes
  15. only been there once, someone broke their leg so we cut it a little short... anyone want in, we could use the trail info. we are meeting there at 8-8:30. see ya up there