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  1. hehe, well, as you say that I am currently drinking a nice icehouse. yes yes, some oils are better, but "motorcycle oil" comeon, I can run some good castrol synthetic for half of what I would spend on yamalube. I change my oil out every 2 rides no matter the number of hours so I could really run whatever. It truly is a matter of how often you change your oil, that and I believe synthetic is better after break in period. Bull
  2. BullDZR

    best oil brand

    Actually, as long as it does not have moly in it you are finel I run car oil synthetic in both my ysf426 and my RC51 and race both with no adverse affects. The biggest concern should not be oil brand but how often are you changing your oil.
  3. I can't believe people still waste their money on "motorcycle oil" I have been running standard/synthetic oil in my bikes, both street and dirt for years. and I race both so I can tell you that I have had no ill affect of either. Don't believe the hype, oil is oil is oil is oil.
  4. Title says it all, who all is going to be there. I know I am and ther will be 3 others with me. Should be an awsome day for riding to as they are calling for temps of 75 and sunny. Comeon weekend.
  5. BullDZR

    RC and Bubba accident

    I have watched that clip over and over, and I swear RC jumped into bubbas path. If you watch the first few seconds of it, watch how RC jumps from the right side tight to the middle, I am not too sure bubba was at faught on that one. Just my 2 cents.
  6. BullDZR

    Toss up on Boots, Opinions

    Man, do not skimp on the boots. I am not 100percent sure, but I would say a good set of boots would have saved me a 3 year limp. I am just starting to get over my crash and able to do calf raises again. I bought a pair of cheap boots, not going to name them, but put this picture in your mind. Rap your right hand around your right footpeg, now imagine your right foot doing the same thing. I totaly shattered my right foot, had 4 screws, 2 pins and 4 surgeries. I am not sure the boots would have made a difference but due to what I was wearing it leads me to a what if... I am just getting back into riding and I will be buying the best boots money can buy this go round. Wayne
  7. I just had a bike shipped to me. I used forwardair.com Real good price, plus, you just roll the bike up and strap it down into their container. They ask for a 2 week window but run ahead of schedule often. I got my bike 1 week ahead of schedule. I would highly recomend them. Wayne
  8. I have not ridden the track yet myself, the guys I used to ride with found it and have been riding it for a while. They were telling me about it and I saw some movies they made of them riding the track. It really does look nice in the video's. They said the Loam is like 1.5 ft deep. Said if you fall, it is like falling into tissue paper. I really can't wait to get out there and roost them but good. Wayne
  9. That track is in Yadkinville. Straight up 421. About 30-40 minuts from Winston Salem. Wayne
  10. Well, I was giving serious thought to going riding in the mud this weekend. But after seeing this in your garrage http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/garage.php?do=viewattachment&attachmentid=6864, I decided that would not be so fun I dunno, the 2 hours of riding compared to the 5-6 hours of cleanup. I think I will pass for now. I am sure I will eventually go play in the mud, but I think I will pass this opportunity up. Thanks for the invite though.
  11. I am not to far from you. I live in Belews Creek(other side of Kernersville) Wayne
  12. It has been freaking dry all summer long. I have not been on a dirtbike in 3 years, I get my 02 426 this past monday, had planned on going to Center Road Motocross this weekend and it is raining and is going to rain all freaking weekend. Thats the kind of luck I have, oh well, good thing I have lots to do around the house to keep my mind off of it. Wayne
  13. BullDZR

    What kind of Engine Oil should I use?

    This is why I ran the Quakerstate HighRPM(full Synthetic) in my RC51. If you do regular oil changes as we all should, you are never going to reach, not even close, the breakdown point of ANY oil. That being said, I do believe some oils are better. But the Oil companys are not above bottling the same oil in two different containers and charging you twice as much for one just because it is vehicle specific. The reason I posted this question, was I too heard about the no moly in our bikes and wondered if that was still an issue. Thanks everyone for you opinions and views. As for the cost of the Quakerstate HighRPM, I usually buy cases at a time and always when they are on sale, which I usually get a case for around $18-$25 a case which is a bit cheaper than yamalube. Guess I will stick with the Quakerstate. Wayne
  14. k, here is my delima, not really a delima but hey, can't ride with no oil I have an 02 426 comng in tomorrow, It has been completely drained of fluid before shipping and I have to replace. I do not want to pay for freakin yamalube. I ran Castrol High RPM in my RC51 and was wondering if I can run standard or synthetic in the YZF. I will still be doing regular oil changes of about once every other ride, or every ride if I run it hard. What do you guys recommend or use. Thanks in advance Wayne
  15. I am also in North Carolina and those 2 that are in cycle trader are gone. I called last week about them. Sorry. I went through ebay, got an 02 426 for 2700 and have to pay 500 for shipping, but he is including all the stuff I need which in turn evens out so I think I did well. i would say, if you can get it for 500, buy it and learn to build it yourself. There is just something about being able to wrench on your own bike that gives you a sense of pride.