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  1. Leanintree

    Clutch cable assist device

    Bump. This is a great question. Not something I've ever heard of, but I'd be very interested in learning more. Anyone? Leanintree
  2. Interesting responses here considering I'm in the same position (albeit, I already have the the 230). It was purchased to chase the young one around on her CRF80, and to teach my wife to ride, but with either her or I on it kinda squashes the bike. I've been considering a change of rear spring to the BBR upgrade (after reading about it here), or possibly sourcing a stronger unit off something at the bone yard (anyone know what fits?). Front forks are probably ok for now with a little extra dampening, but with my big butt on it (260#), I swear the front end is off the ground. I don't really need to go fast, I have my gpz1100 on the street for that, so I'm more concerned with making the 230 'fit' better with a lard-ass on it. Leanitree
  3. Yeppers... also in the CFR portion of the forums... Leanintree
  4. Leanintree

    CRF80 lowering links?

    Hello all, First time poster here. Just got back into the world of thumpers after a long hiatus into streetbikes. My issue is this: Just picked up a CRF80 for my 10yr old girl based on it being the smallest thing I could find with a clutch. I kinda feel that learning to use the clutch is all part of that 'first bike' thing (although that's not what this question is about). Anyway, my problem is that she's *just* at that breakpoint between being tall enough for it, but not quite. Give it a year and my problem goes away, but I want her to start using it *now*. I searched the forums for any info on a lowering link (or other methods) of reducing the seat height, and found one gentleman in Australia that did just that. However, he didn't name the product or manufacturer, just the item. Is there any guidance anyone can give me in my search for a lowering kit for this bike? On a related note (and to maybe make this easier), how close are the prior XR80 and the current year CRF80? I'm getting the feeling that the CFR is the XR's replacement, and it just may be a name change (which would simplify things greatly when looking for parts etc...) Thansk for any input, and I imagine I'll be asking more questions soon... Leanintree