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  1. no pecgaz did them for me, thats phils work with the catch tank though
  2. A bit more work required yet
  3. They can be repaired! You can buy a rubber glue that can be built up to create a new sole. There is a supermoto magazine in the uk that showed how to do it in the most recent issue. They then used plastic to create a slider like the sidi srs.
  4. i have the same bike and had the same problems. First of all did you soak the new clutch plates in oil? you should have done but not to worry. Next imo the rekluse clutch instructions are rubbish with regard install gaps. every bike seems to require different that i've worked on. play with the install gap till its right but mine did try to pull a little till 'd ridden it for an hour.
  5. Exactly right, my shift fork is bust along with several of my mates. It goes together with clutchless shifting and is a known problem on the rubbish yamaha gearboxes. Rebuild with the gears or rebuild again after a few more rides.
  6. Hey this sounds interesting, can you post a pic? i might get bleaching if it doesn't affect strength?
  7. I love mine!!! I've got it set up so that on idle it wants to go, rear brake is required on slippery surfaces otherwise it'll slip the wheel a little. I prefer it this way so it picks up better on the gas! My mate had his set to the opposite so it slipped more but mine was quicker off the mark. It does work as a slipper clutch to some extent. It removes the rear wheel chatter and means you dont have to feather the clutch which has gotta be good as there is less to do whilst racing supermoto. I played with several install gaps till i got what i liked and basically ignored the install gap instructions. Try different plates and see which combination you like. Worst case scenario is a stall or no drive at all. I'm gonna get the adjuster to use the manual clutch too then i can hoist the front wheel in higher gears if i choose. I've got a YZF450 too. Can't ride it without its that good!
  8. Does the boyeson carb cover make much difference? It seems like a cheap option to improve throttle response? Cheers
  9. Post up a pic please? Never seen one of these and it sounds trick!!!