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  1. jethro3645

    Show your PIG

  2. jethro3645

    How old are you and what Huskys...

    54 years young TC510 TC250 with Athena 310 kit Tricked out TTR125 now a 150
  3. jethro3645

    Lets see the TTR's

    150 Big bore kit, lightened flywheel, YZ80 carburetor, Powroll cam, FMF exhaust, CR80 front suspension, Works Performance rear shock, Guts Racing tall seat
  4. jethro3645

    TTR 125 flywheel lightening

    I own a Auto Repair shop, I put my flywheel on my brake lathe and cut it down, but you dont cut the weights.
  5. jethro3645

    TTR125 big bore kit Carb sugestions

    I have a BBR 150 kit on my TTR with a YZ80 carb, I don't remember the jets that I had to use, but it works well.
  6. jethro3645

    2003 yz85 carb on ttr125?

    I have a YZ 80 carb on my 125 with the BBR 150 kit, had to cut the neck back to fit the intake boot, re-jetted it and works Great !
  7. jethro3645

    2012 TC250 First Ride Report

    I never understood all of the magazine reviews either, I just bought a very low hour 2006 TC250, It is stock except for a Leo Vince slip on pipe, My son has a 2008 RM-Z 250, has a 2009 head, Hot Cams, Leo Vince exhaust, very fast, I can stay right with him on a flat out drag race and I weigh 250 lbs. and it handles great ! My son said that if he knew the Husky was so nice he would have rather had it over his RMZ, Plus we both love the electric start.
  8. jethro3645

    Lets see the RMZ's

    It is stiff, but getting better, have only ridden 2 times on it.
  9. jethro3645

    Lets see the RMZ's

    2008 RMZ250, 2009 head, Hot Cams, Leo Vince exhaust, Acerbis X-Seat
  10. jethro3645

    Let's see the TTR's!

    TTR-125, BBR big bore kit with cam, Yz80 carburetor, CR80 Forks, BBR frame cradle, shifter, Lightened flywheel, Works Performance shock, FMF pipe, K&N air filter.
  11. jethro3645

    Looking for a ladies graphics kit (TTR125)

    I believe that they were about $135.00, but that was 3 years ago. You can go to XGX racing and get them
  12. jethro3645

    Looking for a ladies graphics kit (TTR125)

    I had a XGX graphics kit on my TTr for my daughter, it has flowers and butterflies www.xgxracing.com http://s12.photobucket.com/albums/a211/jethro3645/TTR-125/
  13. jethro3645

    2008 rmz250- best mods

    My son has a 2007, I installed a 2009 head with Hot Cams, Leo Vince X3 pipe, runs stronger than a friends 2010, Suspension is stock, he weighs 180lbs.
  14. jethro3645

    Trouble finding neutral

    I have the same problem with my 2007, I installed new shift detents, springs for a 2009, and did not make much of a difference.
  15. jethro3645

    YZ85 Fork Conversion Top Bearing Question

    I had to open my diameter up to fit, cut it open on a lathe