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  1. On mine with the emissions still on it. A hooks to B with Tee and goes to frount left side of crankcase. C is the drain vent and goes down to the swing arm it has a open vent line Tee's off and hangs on back of carb
  2. You can now get a FMF Q4 for the 650L (http://shop.thumpertalk.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=PU_18210893) nice piece full Stainless, forestry service approved, good performance. Add a K&N Filter and a Dynajet jet kit and that machine will thrill you.
  3. 2004 XR650L After pipe and air filter I tried several but settled on a 156 main 4 sizes over stock I'm at about 500 ft elevation.
  4. 3200 miles on my 2004 650L. Just got back from 700 miles in the mountains of SW Colorado. I recommend this trip to anyone We camped for free.
  5. I too have the tall guy problem but only 6'4". I replaced the bars with one from MSR (I think). The ones I choose were accually for a Quad but they gave me 5" at the grips now I can stand up strait and not be bent over. It made all the difference in comfort for me.