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  1. Delvii

    XR650L carb vac lines

    On mine with the emissions still on it. A hooks to B with Tee and goes to frount left side of crankcase. C is the drain vent and goes down to the swing arm it has a open vent line Tee's off and hangs on back of carb
  2. Delvii

    Now what exhaust for XR650L?????

    You can now get a FMF Q4 for the 650L (http://shop.thumpertalk.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=PU_18210893) nice piece full Stainless, forestry service approved, good performance. Add a K&N Filter and a Dynajet jet kit and that machine will thrill you.
  3. Delvii

    jetting a 2001 XR650L

    2004 XR650L After pipe and air filter I tried several but settled on a 156 main 4 sizes over stock I'm at about 500 ft elevation.
  4. Delvii

    Who has the highest mileage XR650L?

    3200 miles on my 2004 650L. Just got back from 700 miles in the mountains of SW Colorado. I recommend this trip to anyone We camped for free.
  5. I too have the tall guy problem but only 6'4". I replaced the bars with one from MSR (I think). The ones I choose were accually for a Quad but they gave me 5" at the grips now I can stand up strait and not be bent over. It made all the difference in comfort for me.