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  1. Taps

    Pics and review from Ram Jam!

    That's gotta make dad feel all warm and fuzzy inside. That's awesome man. My boys don't like moto and stick to flat track. I'm working on them to try doing some jumps and get away from just doing a boring circle.
  2. Taps

    bookoo pitbike results round 2

    Awesome! Thanks for the post.
  3. Taps

    Question about fork-oil

    I wouldn't put 6 oz in there. You'll blow the fork seal. Isn't the front end pretty stiff? I'm sure you like that the front doesn't dive like it use to. Never tried or heard of anyone using 30wt. You have to report back the findings in a few months.
  4. Taps

    SDG Speed mini 107

    Good luck with that.
  5. Taps

    you guys with 10" wheels

    Changed out my front to a 12" but left the back 10" on. Maybe your friend needs to buy a new tire. Is it worn? Does ride on the street alot?
  6. Taps

    Fiddy riding (video)

    Cool videos!! keep em coming!
  7. Taps

    sikk toys vs sdg

    SDG will tell you to go to a authorized dealer for the repair. Tell your friend to call an authorized dealer and get it fixed for FREE! It took me a few weeks to get it back for the same problem but at least it was $0 out of pocket cost. Kick start the thing in N and not in gear.
  8. Taps

    NEW....MINI MX IN OKC.....Vid #3

    Taking a long time to buffer. Can't wait for the rain to let up over here.
  9. Taps

    06' pister Pro + Romic shock

    Now that's customer service!! How's the rebound? Is it really stiff?
  10. Taps

    Here we go! Big or Small?

    You either love it or you don't. If you love to ride .........nothing will stop you from riding!
  11. Taps

    no muffler, bad?

    NO back pressure=loss of power! Also bike will run lean. Not a good idea to run with out a muffler.
  12. Taps

    Mini Super Moto - winter shredding

    Very cool. Love the wooden table top idea. I am thinking of going to the local BMX track and do a few laps with the fiddy. There's no BMX'ers out there so what the hell?
  13. Taps

    Pitbike turbo charger!

    I bought one and ..ha ha I couldn't resist. No way man! I think it's stamped with Tyco.
  14. Taps

    SDG Lil' Mini

    SDG tranny is under warranty so at least Sdg knows about it and is taking care of it.