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  1. mmm sorry I didnt shoot the pro class, Ron I didnt receive the email, check PM's Thanks Richy
  2. What number?
  3. Some pix from the race Destry Abbot
  4. Next race is this weekend, Sunday May 7th in the Laguna Salada Area Race start at 8:00 am, 90 minutes on a 18 miles course. Let's Race Attached is the Map & Poster www.zrpromo.com info@zrpromo.com Regards Richy Labrada
  5. Hi everyone I hope you had a great weekend in San Felipe and I will like to share some photos from the race: ENJOY: www.gotdesertphotos.com Bikes Quads Regards Richy Labrada
  6. Race Map!!!!
  7. Hello everyone heres some info on our next GP race on February 26th website: www.zrpromo.com any Question: richylabrada@zrpromo.com