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  1. Just had good experience with Bell Helmets, Broke the rear air vent on my Moto 8 while ducking under a low tree limb .Called Bell to see if I could buy a new vent. They are sending me complete vent and visor kit for no charge. Nice to get a good surprise for a change. Just thought I would pass on the info.
  2. Chris S

    Western MA state forests

    I am looking at a trip in October. would like to camp and ride dirtbikes. Anyone ridden at October Mountain, Beartown, or Pittsfield. Any info on trail conditions would be be greatly appreciated. Adults and one 13 yr old will be riding. I know the trails in eastern MA are kinda beat up and very rocky. Hope the trails are decent out that way. Thanks in advance for any help. Chris
  3. Chris S

    fule screw setting?

    Hey just had the same trouble with the idle speed. Kinda cold here now. I had luck backing the pilot screw out an extra bit. less than a 1/4 turn worked for me.Good luck hope this helps Chris
  4. Chris S

    What's it worth?

    The owner claims to have all paper work including the Certificate of Origin. Claims the battery has never been installed and the engine never run. I gotta go check this out. only a couple of towns away, I"ll let youknow how I make out.
  5. Chris S

    What's it worth?

    Hey thanks for the input , He is asking 4500 but I,m thinking I'll offer 4 grand and see what happens.
  6. Chris S

    What's it worth?

    Going on sunday to look at a 05 250X Supposed to be new as in never ridden. this is a private party sale what is it worth? thanks in advance
  7. Chris S

    J. Button bend bars

    After reading thru the 250 posts in the 'handlebar' search I'm really confused.I am leaning towards a set of renthal 7/8 bars with the Button bend , need the height but have a question about the pull back. renthal chart shows 67 mm which seems like alot.Anybody using these bars care to comment on the amount of pullback or sweep? Anybody out there try the pro taper S/E KX high bend? Thanks for the help Chris
  8. Chris S

    FCR39 float level

    Thanks for the spec Ed.
  9. Chris S

    FCR39 float level

    Help please Anyone know the float level spec for the FCR39 carb on a 2003 drz 400 e. I tried search but only found info related toBSR36. Search wont work again due to too much activity. Carb is off and apart and I need to put back tonight. Any help will be greatly appreciated thanks. Chris