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  1. Superdog2

    2009 DR650 is up on Zuki's website

    That white one needs a blue frame and more colorful stickers, like my '96 edit: er, I meant decals!
  2. Superdog2

    New to me DR650

    Looks like mine:thumbsup: Mine's got more scuffs though, and needs that FMF!
  3. Superdog2

    Keihin 39mm FCR-MX Install, DR650

    Great! Thanks for the info
  4. Superdog2

    Keihin 39mm FCR-MX Install, DR650

    Rob, Have you had a chance to play with the Merge screw yet? I'm wondering how it compares to the DeZine....I have both (my carb came with the DeZine), and the jet kit came with the Merge, which I have installed right now. Just not sure if it might affect my jetting... Stu
  5. Superdog2

    39mm FCR MX Question

    Expected the whistle, but when it's idling, you can clearly hear the throttle plate rattling. I'd seen the seal mentioned previously in other posts, but didn't pay a lot of attention, assuming my carb should have all of its parts. I looked at an FCR diagram today and now I know for sure I'm missing the seal. When I took it apart, the plate was up against the throttle valve. I didn't know any better, so I put it back together the same way. D'oh! Hopefully one of the local shops has this part. Stu
  6. Superdog2

    Keihin 39mm FCR-MX Install, DR650

    That's the assumption I made. I took the jetting from Rob's page (based on the dyno runs). One thing I failed to mention earlier is that I have opened the airbox. Here's what I have in it right now: 155 main jet EMP-5 jet needle 40 pilot jet OEM 100 pilot air jet #35 leak jet Merge extended pilot screw @ 1 turn Merge Racing APS Spring I get just the slightest stumble if I turn the screw all of the way in, so that's why I only have it one turn out. It runs nice, though even with the enrichener I have to give it a little throttle to get it to start when cold. I may need to adjust it some. Stu
  7. Superdog2

    Keihin 39mm FCR-MX Install, DR650

    I've seen the jetting for the Q2 and GSXR, but not sure how to adjust for the stock muffler (perhaps I missed it reading through the thread). I'm in the midst of reassembling the carb and would like to get it close the first time. Sorry if this has already been covered, but I couldn't find it. Thanks for any help Stu
  8. Superdog2

    Keihin 39mm FCR-MX Install, DR650

    I got my 'MX Rob Jetting Kit' from ProCycle this week! . I've been working on the carb today, and decided to look up in the fuel screw port (with the bowl off). I did this because, when I first took the carb apart in January, there was no washer or o-ring on the screw when I took it out and I looked at that time and couldn't see anything. I assumed the PO of the carb had lost them. Anyway, with better lighting today, I thought I saw a color difference between the seat and the walls, so I took a pick and carefully played with it. Lo and behold it moved! It took a little twiddling, but I finally got it to fall out...obviously the fuel screw washer. I looked up the port again and could now clearly see the o-ring still stuck (gunk build up had it stuck against the walls). Anyway, I'm glad I found that, because I'm putting the Merge screw in that came with the kit, and somehow I don't think it would have worked well with that other stuff in there. Just posting this in case it helps someone. I'm new at working on this stuff, so maybe it's normal to have to go in there and pull them out. Stu ps: Should I lube the carb slides? If so, what should I use?
  9. Superdog2

    Keihin 39mm FCR-MX Install, DR650

    Does anyone know if Noss decided to modify his existing FCR adapter to work on the DR?
  10. Superdog2

    Tuning the 39mmFCR for DR650

    The previous owner of my carb seems to have lost the washer and the o-ring from the fuel screw. I wonder how his machine ran Stu
  11. Superdog2

    Keihin 39mm FCR-MX Install, DR650

    Thanks for the AP link. I've got it bookmarked so I'll be ready when I get my FCR installed. I appreciate the work MX_Rob is doing, and everyone else that is contributing to this thread. I can hardly wait to try this thing out...after you guys get the jetting all figured out for me:thumbsup: Stu
  12. Superdog2

    G#$%D$%& chain roller (DR650)

    Just went out to check mine; there's a ragged hole where it should be:foul: Looks like it's been that way a while. Stu
  13. Superdog2

    Keihin 39mm FCR-MX Install, DR650

    Nice! I don't think I saw that one; good find. I just won a carb, but paid a little bit more. No matter, I'm happy that it's on it's way:applause: . Gonna wait until it gets here to decide which way to go on the mods (DIY or send it north). This is a cool project and I can't wait!
  14. Superdog2

    Looking at a 96 DR650

    I've got a '96 and have had no issues with it. Great bike! And since the design really hasn't changed, parts availability is not an issue. Stu
  15. Superdog2

    Keihin 39mm FCR-MX Install, DR650

    Awesome thread! I'd been thinking a long time about getting a Dynojet kit for my '96. I think my money would be much better spent pursuing this route Great work Rob; you da man! Stu