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  1. realRage

    Best Tracks in nevada/southern california

    Right now! We leave tonight.
  2. realRage

    Best Tracks in nevada/southern california

    Thanks for the replys everyone. that's too bad boulder city and sandy valley are done for now, how is Mesquite Mx? I would like to hit up a track near vagas if I could. I have three weeks to spend in so-cal so I'll drive anywhere in california and check out as many tracks as i can. Zaca Station mx looked good to me from their website so thanks for the mention. Cahuilla Creek I've heard isn't as jumpy but if you say it's worth it I'll definitely have to check it out. Any tracks that are your personal favorites where ever they may be, I'd like to hear about them and ride them for sure. I have a new trailer for this trip and endless time to ride! Any ideas would be sweet
  3. I'm driving down from bc canada to vegas then on to so cal to ride for three weeks. I was wondering what you think are the best tracks. I'll be going to all the well known places but any ideas would be sweet. Hopefully the weathers good around A1. Thanks
  4. realRage

    dirt bike rental in Northern California?

    Looks pretty good. I also found this place. http://eaglerider.carrentalexpress.com/vehicles.php They don't have any motocross bikes either, but decent prices. I guess the motocross bikes are too expensive to maintain for these rental shops.
  5. Just wondering if anyone knows of any place in NorCal that rents motocross bikes? I'm coming down to San Fran for a month but I'm unable to bring my bike along for the trip. The only place I've found that rents dirt bikes doesn't rent any motocrossers. It would be sweet to get a ride in while I was in Cali, it would just eat at me if I didn't try.
  6. realRage

    2007 Shroud fit 2006?

    Those graphics are so sweet, the best I've seen. Going with the all black seat is where it's at.
  7. Just wondering what kind of cleaning solutions you guys use on your aluminum beasts. I'm looking for a good product in large quantity preferably. So, whatcha use?
  8. I just had a question maybe someone has a little insight into. I have a 05 yz 250 two stroke. After snapping the throttle while sitting on it's stand, or whenever I let off the gas after a straight there seems to be a little rattle that follows. I was thinking it was in the motor but I'm not sure. Could be the frame? Just curious to hear if someones heard the same. Thanks
  9. realRage

    Zook 450 probably best purchase ever made!!

    What is the difference between the pro tapers and fat bar that makes the stockers feel too stiff? I just won an 06 450 zook so I'm stoked to hear that you guys are loving it.
  10. realRage

    Ryan Sipes

    Anybody know what happened to him at steel city? I heard he was in the mix in the first moto, even passed andrew short. He seems to be flying, top five at glen helen maybe?
  11. realRage

    works pipes, white boots

    At the right price anything mixes with dirt. Great suggestions, thanks.
  12. Any ideas of how to make a works pipe maintain it's look? I've heard rubbing oil over it helps take out rust. Also, does anyone have any good solutions they use to keep their boots looking new and white?
  13. realRage

    05 yz 450

    I have a few questions that maybe you guys could help me out with. I'm looking for a bike to race for two seasons. I'm from canada so that's about seven months per season, and I'll race every weekend. I have limited income to spend on repairs thus the 250 two stroke was my bike of choice. However, I found an 05 yz450 with 15-18 hours on it at a pretty decent price, 5300 canadian. So my questions would be, (cause I don't know anything about fourstokes) how much repair and maintenance do you think I'd have to do to make it last one or two seasons. Also what is the worst case scenario for cost repair? I'd like to know realistically how much a blown 450 would set me back, that's worst case. Lastly, how do you think this bike would fare over a season, more preferably two seasons. I've never owned or raced a four stroke and I'm really concerned that I'll get burned by it financially. Sorry for the long drawn out post, your response would be sweet.
  14. Has anyone kept their bike in a hotel with them for an extended period of time? If so did you tear your bike down at all to keep out the fumes? I'd be chillin' with the bike in the room for around a month.
  15. realRage

    tony hawk helmet cam

    you can upgrade the memory card to 512mb and the footage time is even longer.