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  1. og scrub,r:0,s:0
  2. cool vid. nice riding
  3. cool vid and the angle wasn't too bad
  4. sick vid wish my bike wasn't a piece
  5. get a purple power-band
  6. Supercross

    roll fat spliffs
  7. Supercross

    robbie marshall...nuff said
  8. exactly:thumbsup:
  9. pretty nice
  10. veerry poor. Nice find thanks for sharing
  11. you must not know how to ride your bike. Maybe you should have proper balance and be over the f ing gas tank. Know how to ride buddy. Sorry to be blunt
  12. yeah??????????????????????????????????? why dont you look online a little
  13. RC was the first that i saw use his middle finger. now i cant do anything but. it works too well imo because i cant use my ring finger (short fingers)