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  1. Achange

    06 TE 610 Owners Review

    So what do you think of the new bike so far pops?
  2. Achange

    06 TE 610 Owners Review

    The PN is 460. It states that it is for a '00-'02 TE610 but fits the frame of the '06 just fine.
  3. Achange

    06 TE 610 Owners Review

    Hi DCJ; Thanks for sharing your experiences. I have ahd my 2006 TE610 for about a month also and had a good offroad experience with it up in Arkansas a couple of weeks ago. I agree with your comments on the engine and suspension. I have put on some Cycra Pro Bend hand guards attached to the triple clamp and they are working out great. My only concern so far has been with the electrical system. In the first 200 miles I have: 1. a loose connection to the high beam that was an easy fix but still not very solid 2. the computer comes and goes on me 3. hard to switch modes or reset the computer (couldn't follow my road book after the first couple of resets because I couldn't reset) 4. oil warning light came on and never went off even though the oil level was fine 5. stupid set up for the low gas dummy light. The wire goes through the fuel petcock and is sealed by some epoxy. This leaked the first week. Dealer put a new one on under warranty and so far it's held up. Dealer is checking on the computer for me now, we'll see what he says. Did you have to do any modifications to the Fastways for the 610? I have them on my 950 ADV in the low position and found that to be a great setup. I agree the stock pegs are way too small. I found a skid plate from Utah Sport Cycle that went on nice and neat, even has a hole for maintenance: Utah Sport Cycle More to come...... Mark
  4. I think so. A new 2006 TE610 just joined my 2004 KTM950ADV in the stable. Listen to Trevor and look at the 950......at 6"5" and 260 lbs BigBob, you would be right at home on the big twin.
  5. Cycle Town South for those of you looking for a great dealer in Texas: Curtis White Cycle Town South 1620 S. I-35E Lancaster, TX 75146 972-230-1870 web site in transition..... He bleeds orange but his heart is Husky. He takes care of my KTM 950 and I was looking at getting a smaller KTM when the 2006 TE610 showed up. I took the 610 off his hands as soon as I saw it, partially because I trusted he would take care of the 610 like he does my 950. By the way, he just received two more 2006 TE610's if any one in the area is interested. He's not only a great dealer and a great mechanic, but he's a great riding buddy as well! Mark
  6. Achange

    Husky TE610

    Hey DD, Thanks for taking the time to post your first impressions. I'm scheduled to pick up my new TE610 towards the end of this week. You mentioned that a few of them got shipped without the additional kit required to make the turn signals DOT spec. Would you mind letting me know what I should be looking for to confirm that my new bike has this kit? I'm not familiar with this spec. Shame the seat is not working for you. My other bike is a KTM 950 and the seat was one of the first mods I made to it. Thanks for your help, Mark