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  1. i have a CRF230 now and i want a two stroke i don't know if i can afford a 125 or else i would. right now i only ride trails i want a bike i can jump.
  2. i am thinking of getting a kx100 i am 6'2 and 150pds will it work well for my size and weight, And a 125 is out of the question for me.
  3. you should change the oil after break in, it is very important
  4. what is the best pipe for a 2005 KX125
  5. yeah well i think i am going to buy the bike
  6. i am in canada and there is no way a 2005 450 will sell for less then $7000
  7. get the 250f i got a 05 kx 125 and it is not good on trails its got loads of power but is not good on the trails
  8. and there is no way a 05 will sell for that much where i live it is like 9000
  9. what would be a good price for an 02
  10. yeah definetly
  11. i am looking into getting a 2002 honda crf450 it has new plastics every bolt on it is new it is in great shape , its $4300 i am wondering if that is a good price for this bike and if there is any problems with that year, if u could tell me that would be great thanks.