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  1. I have owned the 05 for over two years now and it has been nothing but rock solid, not a single problem with it yet. Just regular maintence. Plus I think the 05 is one of the best years of the 250 production.
  2. my Local honda shop will do it all for $75 a fork...
  3. awesome!
  4. One of my seals started leaking on my front fork so its time to do some replacing. I do not have a service manual so I need some insight... What brand of seals should I get? What kind of Fork oil?...weight etc And How much oil should I be putting back in? Any help would be much appriciated!
  5. 70 bucks, yikes!
  6. I bent my shift lever this weekend riding in the woods and now need a new one, what would you guys recomend for a crf250r? MSR Tusk sunline....???
  7. So most MX and Hairsrambles in Iowa you can just buy a AMA and D22 pass for the day and be good to go??
  8. so your telling me you can show up to say...Montezuma, lamoni, hawkeye downs, not have a ama membership or the five bucks and still race? or what tracks are you talking about?
  9. Next summer I will have little time for racing but would like to hit an occational mx race...are there any tracks in Iowa that have races that do not require AMA memberships or D22 memberships?...I only plan to race just a bit so I do feel like dropping alot of money on memberships.
  10. Just curious what all you CRF guys think about Sea Foam motor treatment...Does it help any with cleaning out your carb? I also heard people add it to there oil right before they change oil to help clean out the crankcase. Anyone done it? the stuff?
  11. normal...I believe its something to do with the oil circulation turning the drive.
  12. thanks man! went ahead and ordered the DID chain and renthal sprockets, red final drive.
  13. of the two chains which is better?...DID O-ring or Renthal O-ring? also if I order a new chain will it come with a master link or do I need to order that seperate?
  14. Hey guys, work is taking over my schedule and summer is going by fast and I have not even had time to think about racing. Could anyone tell me if there are any upcoming motos or hairscrambles near the southeast area of the state? I only have one year under my belt so I am looking for a bit of a beginners track.
  15. Thankya