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  1. crf117

    Race bike crf250r need new Cam!!!

    Call Crower Performance.
  2. crf117

    Leo Vince Exhaust?

    I have their Ti system on my KTM and love it... The power is great and I have 65hr on it and its still quieter than most stock bikes.
  3. crf117

    Barcia running single exhaust at GH

    And yes, alot of the 250 guys were running a 120/80/19 rear tire at Glen Helen..
  4. crf117

    how to get bike to pass sound test....

    AMA does soundchecks at 5000 RPM, and it has to be less than 94 db before the race, and 96 db after. FMF doesn't make the quiet insert for the duals, so we switched to their single which passed at 92.8 db with the insert in and still made more hp on the dyno.
  5. crf117

    Barcia running single exhaust at GH

    We are running the FMF single on our race bike to pass the 94 db sound test. FMF doesn't make the insert for the duals... Plus the bike makes more hp on top with the FMF single.
  6. crf117

    Check this out!!

    Last year KTM build a few MDK replica bikes for sale here in the US. They had all the SXS goodies on them, brakes, suspension, all the add ons, engine kit, and FMF exhaust. They were selling them for 15k at the dealerships. This just looks like a later version of that with the Jager graphics on it. Looks like it sold for 8k...wish I had the money for it.
  7. crf117

    08 ktm 250sxf advice?

    Not saying you don't know what you are talking about, but I've had success with it, and dynos don't always tell the whole story. Plus like someone else posted, I like running some lead in it too, helps the top end live a little longer. Sure if I could afford it I would just run straight race gas, but I can't.
  8. crf117

    08 ktm 250sxf advice?

    I run the VP 110 and it works great. Not sure what to tell you about the crank. Some guys get 250 hrs, some get alot less. Just don't be supprised if it happens.
  9. crf117

    09 250 mods

    Check out the Crower cams, I have several friends that run them and have always been happy.
  10. crf117

    08 ktm 250sxf advice?

    Nothing wrong with running 50/50 race gas. Does help the bike run cleaner and a little crisper. Don't be supprised if you have to get into the bottom end at some point. My 08 needs a crank at 65 hrs., and we have another one on the bench right now for a crank as well. I've talked to guys that race that have done them as early as 40 hrs. Sounds like it should be a fast bike though. I know Crower has built a few very similar bikes and they rip.
  11. crf117

    KTM 250 SXF 2008 exhaust

    The Leo Vince is great. Good power gains, and doesn't need to be re-packed every 10 hours like FMF recommends.
  12. Anyone heard of any crank problems on the 2008 250 SX-F outside of the early rod problems? My bike has been starting to make more engine noise than it should, and vibrating more (to the point I can feel it in my feet). It only has 60 hrs on it, and it has been perfectly maintained. My dealership checked the frame number and it was clear of any service bulletins. Checked the tensioner too and its not that.... Anyone else had to do a crank this early? Any other suggestions? My dealership said they need a crank every 40-50 hours?
  13. When you consider you can get an upper triple clamp from RG3 for the same price it does seem expensive, but with the RG3 clamp you lose the adjustability and ability to still use a stabilizer... I'm getting the PHDS next week.
  14. crf117

    MDK Suspension Services?

    Racetech does great work. That being said, I'm sure that MDK knows what they are doing. Not only are they the Factry KTM team in the US, but they also support the Fire Police SX team that are running stock forks modified by MDK, not the SXS stuff like the factory boys are running. And if you think that they don't know how to set up a 450, go back and watch Sipes at Daytona...the bike seemed to be working just fine. Personally I had Enzo do my suspension, and I couldn't be happier with it.
  15. crf117

    pictures of ktm250sxf

    My first KTM