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  1. I was given a set of freshly rebuilt and anodized set of 2006 CRF250R forks, and I want to put them on my 2003 CRF450R. I know there is a different type of caliper mount on the newer models. What parts will I need to make my 450 caliper mount to the new forks? I'm planning on replacing the springs with heavier ones, because I'm a biiig boy, and use this set-up for motocross and set up my other ones for offroad. Has anyone had experience with newer forks on an older bike?
  2. Kawboy22

    CRF450R Break-in Procedure

    I've got an '03 CRF450 that I just replaced the piston and rings in. I understand that there are different theories on how to properly break in the new parts. Can someone shed some light on this subject or just point me to a thread that's already written? Can it be broken in sitting on the stand? What oil should I use to break it in?